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About Us

A basketball experience unlike any other…

At Score we are focused on helping to develop great people and basketball players. To that end, we work tirelessly to mentor players on how to improve their skills and their abilities on and off the court. So much of the game of basketball is mental, and we strive to prepare players for both the tough mental and physical aspects of the game.

Why does Coach Eddie Sutton Endorse Score Basketball?

Where Did Coach Calvert (the Founder of Score Basketball) Learn To Coach?

  • Coach Calvert is one of the best because he has been coached by the best.
  • He was coached directly by Coach IBA. We believe that Coach IBA may have invented many of today’s basketball coaching theories and best-practices. In fact he did such a good job, they actually named Oklahoma State University’s Basketball Arena after him.
  • Coach Calvert was also coached by Coach Bliss who was coached by Hall of Fame Coach, Bob Knight.