Score basketball has a long successful history of transforming students into well-rounded members of society as well as expanding their basketball potential by offering multiple different lesson options as well as some of the best Basketball Camps in Jenks. Coach Calvert has lifelong experience in the basketball world in both player and coaching aspects. Coach Calvert was coached and mentored by coach IBA, the legendary basketball coach from OSU. With over 20 years of experience in coaching kids, Coach Calvert has created a successful basketball training facility to continue his “findings” and transformative tricks to push each student to their maximum potential on and off the court.

Coach Calvert takes Pride not only shaping kids’ basketball IQ, but also in pushing them to be the best they can be off the court and in order to be successful. This concept is taught during every group lesson as well as each Basketball Camps in Jenks throughout the year. Some skills that are taught at these camps as well as each lesson are shooting and scoring, defense/conditioning, dribbling/scoring, basketball IQ and character development. Each coach that is currently coaching there has had their own personal experience of being trained by coach Calvert himself throughout the years. Each of these coaches bring a positive attitude and growth mindset to each student they work with.

Another reason Score offers the Basketball Camps in Jenks is because of the environment as a whole. Both beginner and advanced group lessons have available Monday through Saturday at different times. The beginner group is focused on ages 5 to 12 while the advanced group is focused on ages 13 and above. These are just approximate ages that are most common for each of these groups. Depending on the skill level of each individual student adjustments may be made to better fit their current skill level. We also offer individual lessons for students who would like additional coaching in a one-on-one lesson. We also offer team lessons for teams who would like to work on offensive development, skill development, teamwork, and shooting skills. Another option would be partner lessons. Partner lessons are great for siblings who are around the same age and need assistance in some of the same areas.

Among our competitors in the Tulsa/Jenks area, our prices, coach experience, consistent class times, and many more factors, make our facility by far the best bang for your buck! Score basketball camps are the highest and most reviewed basketball camps in the state of Oklahoma. These camps are scheduled yearly and are scheduled around local schools and their breaks, with the intention of making attendance as convenient as possible for both the athletes and parents!

For more information regarding upcoming camps, how to sign up for classes, available classes, Score history and much more, visit our website at or give us a call at 918-955-7160. We look forward to bettering you as a person and as a basketball player!

Basketball Camps in Jenks | Basketball Drills and Skills

According to research based on basketball training facilities in the state of Oklahoma, Score has the highest and most reviewed Basketball Camps in Jenks! Our founder coach Calvert has had a lifelong experience of playing basketball as well as coaching. He personally played for Coach IBA and Coach Bliss and received personal development from both of them. Besides basketball coach Calvert focus is on developing the players off the court by improving their skills, Self-discipline, commitment, Focus and determination.

The current coaching staff at school are all former students of Coach Calvert and attended multiple of the Basketball Camps in Jenks while growing up. Besides working on personal development at these camps and weekly lessons, the coaches focus on shooting, scoring, defense, conditioning, dribbling, basketball IQ and character. All of these skills have been taught to each one of the coaches due to their many years of being trained by coach Calvert. They also bring a wide range of experience to the table from their years of different levels of the game of basketball. We strive to prepare players for both the tough mental and physical aspects of the game.

Other than having the Basketball Camps in Jenks, weekly beginner and advanced group lessons are a very beneficial way to further your game and knowledge. but both of these classes have daily availability At all different times. For both beginner and advanced groups we have a flat rate monthly fee which covers up to all six available classes per week. you are able to come to as many as you can for the same flat rate. Some players often have other activities going on so no matter how many times a week you can make it, this flat rate can be extremely profitable for the students’ success based on how many classes a week are attended!

We also offer individual lessons for students who are unable to make any of the designated class times no matter their age. These individual lessons are also available for students who are currently enrolled in either one of our beginner or Advanced groups, simply so they can have a more focused one-on-one session with one of our coaches. because each of our coaches personally trained with Coach Calvert throughout the years they are able to pass on all sorts of information that was instilled in them by Coach Calvert. We really will be able to be the best you can imagine out there.

Our website has a large combination of all sorts of information regarding Score and our services! We strive to keep our website up to date so you are reading the most accurate information! Our website is We are currently offering a deal for new or returning players who will receive their first lesson back for only $1! Give us a call at 918-955-7160 if you have any additional questions or would like to sign up for this limited-time deal. We look forward to helping your formation of becoming the best basketball player as well as an overall person!

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