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This Content Was Written for Score Basketball Featuring Basketball Camps in Oklahoma City


We want this to be the best investment you make on basketball all summer long, and we figure anyone coming to a program like this doesn’t want us to waste their time on anything that doesn’t help them improve. So, you’ll get as much information as possible in as many memorable ways as possible from beginning to end. Make sure you’re well-rested when you come because you will need it. Basketball Camps in Oklahoma City provided by Score Basketball are no joke. We train some of the best players in the Oklahoma area and we want to show you the fundamentals and the skills needed to elevate your game. It’s time to rise above and learn how to truly master the game of basketball with Coach Calvert and his expert staff. Give us a call today for more information on the camps coming up when it comes to Basketball Camps in Oklahoma City at 918-955-7160. You can also visit us online for more information at

Score Basketball is for players of all ages who are ready to take things seriously and start getting their game to the next level, develop into effective play-makers, and become impact players on their teams. The course is also for coaches of all levels, particularly those who want to learn how to teach their teams the skills and habits of play that lead to winning basketball. The Basketball Camps in Oklahoma City provide an intense, rigorous basketball training experience that teaches you what to practice, and how to practice, to excel on the court. You will learn all the habits and skills necessary for you to be effective against bigger, faster players. You will also discover how to train more effectively, so you don’t practice and practice without getting results. We’ll teach you how to train smarter and harder so that your efforts pay off.

We strive to assist every athlete that participates in our program to reach their full potential as a basketball player. We aim to inspire and motivate our athletes to set lofty goals then work hard to achieve them. Our approach to this process includes intense, innovative skill development training of the body and mind, becoming a student of the game and understanding that the best way to reach your final destination is through persistence, discipline, and commitment to the process. Basketball players are made, not born. We don’t dispute some are given better genetic tools to work with, but nobody is born with a jumpshot or a killer crossover, those skills are earned over time.

Players must understand that they can’t just play games to become a player; they must work on their game to become a player. Many athletes today measure their work habits by how many AAU games they have played in the offseason or how many hours they spent playing pick-up games at their local club, yet they put no time into developing their fundamental skill set. As hard as one works in a packed gym in January, one must work twice as hard in an empty gym in June. That’s where the experts at Score Basketball come in. We can provide you with the fundamentals and the training you need to be a better player.

Do You Have The Basketball Skills You Desire?

This Content Was Written for Score Basketball Featuring Basketball Camps in Oklahoma City

Being a skill player is way more fun that ever getting dominated up and down the hardwood. Learn the skills your need to up your game. At Score Basketball, you’ll learn how to have more fun, not in the sense of silliness or light-hearted pleasure, but the kind of fun that comes from the satisfaction of knowing that you’re prepared, and then performing at your best. Do you ever feel like your team’s practices are lacking in intensity, or focus, or spirit? Do you wonder whether your team’s workouts are really preparing you to succeed in your season’s biggest games? Have you ever considered why some practices are inspiring while other practices are not? At Score Basketball, you’ll learn how to consistently create better practices for yourself and for your team. You’ll learn how to get the most out of your practice time, so that your team is prepared when it matters the most.

Have you ever been cut from a team that you really wanted to make? Or sat on the bench wishing that you could be one of the players on the court during crunch time? How many times have you lost a close game to a team that you didn’t think was better than yours? How many games have you lost when a referee’s call against your team seemed to be the deciding factor in the game? We can help you get in the game and achieve your destiny. Score Basketball provides Basketball Camps in Oklahoma City that can really elevate your game to the next level. Give us a call at 918-955-7160 to learn more about how you can achieve greatness with our amazing basketball camps. You can also visit us online any time to learn more about all of the things we offer at

Of course coaches prefer working with players who make their job easier and more rewarding. Learn what makes a player coachable, a joy to coach, and a winner, so that you can be one of your coach’s favorites. You’ll also learn how to create better relationships with your teammates and how to become one of those players that others love to play with. The more that you apply the principles that we teach, the less satisfied you’ll be with being just average or even decent. There are lots of teams and players that are decent, a small number who are great, but only a few who are truly special. Score Basketball will teach you how to be special on the basketball court and in everything you do.

What if you could transform your perspective towards setbacks, losing, injuries, being benched, unfair treatment, and all the other things that can rob you of your love for the game? Players frequently catch a glimpse of the richness in basketball, but then situations, circumstances and other people steal the joy that they feel for the game. Many players get so discouraged by mediocrity, frustration and disappointment that they leave the game or simply settle for a less-than-satisfying experience in their basketball careers. This doesn’t have to happen to you.


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