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So when you’re thinking of basketball camps you’re going to want to think of the score a basketball program. It’s a great place for you to be able to come and learn to play basketball not only better but learn how to really elevate the game so that you know where to continue to go and gives you a path that gives you a road to work on and the place to start from so that you can continue to grow you know day in and day out as you play the game and as your career progresses. Basketball Camps Owasso are here. So if you haven’t had a chance to see what we do look at the testimonials or find out a little more about us. You were always able to go to jinx basketball camps. there’s multiple testimonials articles about what we’ve done here in articles about the founder Don Calvert who has now started the largest private basketball coaching facility in Oklahoma. So you know it’s a great way for you to be able to see that. You know one of the reasons that he did this was just for the fact that he felt like there was a need for life changing mentors and it’s more critical today than it ever has been. The society you know and even the world that we all know grew up in it is quite different than it was whenever you know when we were growing up. Quite frankly these kids are in a whole different world now and so it’s imperative that they have good role models and a good plan for the future and the roadmap that we’re going to give them here to supply them with the proper directions for the future is the ability to teach them you know a lot of different precepts and concepts in life that are going to transfer over. Now some of those you know are determination and you know.
Willpower and they gain the ability to know that you don’t have to you know follow the same footsteps that everyone else follows and around your neighborhood or people that are doing less good in their life you can set the standard for those people by coming to this basketball camp by learning a true skill honing in on the ones you have. Basketball Camps Owasso are here. Creating a career path whether it be just to get you through college or whether you go on to be a full blown you know career athlete. This is the program for you when you’re looking for you know a program that is has basketball camps or Wasow and it’s going to show you those basketball camps and also from a great facility that is the number one you’re going to want to take advantage of that just doesn’t come around every day. You don’t see programs like this with great individuals. Basketball Camps Owasso are here. They have the right goal in mind of growing these children’s attitudes confidence and life. Basketball Camps Owasso are here. Life opportunity. So if you’re looking for those also. But if you’re looking for those basketball camps or Rosseau you’re going to want to come down and check us out here. We love to see you the best basketball so we also are at score basketball and we are confident of that. So if you haven’t checked out the basketball games are also here score you definitely need to please come down and do that. We’re here all the time. You know they have the facility down on Memorial Drive unit 102 in Bixby that’s 12 a one for South memorial pride unit 102 Bigsby Oklahoma. So you can check us out in person there.
Call us at 9 1 8 9 5 5. 71 60. Or as I said just go on line to jinx basketball dot com and you’re going to get to register for your chance to win. Too early for the ability to get a free lesson any free T-shirt just for your first time signing up and utilizing the Web site or calling So if you haven’t done that yet go ahead and do it now and you will not be sorry. You will love the opportunity that you’ve been given and it will be a great experience. I can assure you of that.

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