If you are looking for the best basketball camps in Jenks, Score Basketball is the right place for you. For the past 20 years, coach Calvert has worked with hundreds of students and helped Advance their basketball skills as well as their personal skills. Coach Calverts motto is to develop great people and great basketball players. He believes that the development of a player off the court is equally as important as on the court. Over his years he has multiple success stories of former players reaching all levels of the game of basketball.

Some reasons that Score has the best basketball camps in Jenks are due to the amazing coaches that run these lessons. all coaches have previous experience working with Coach Calvert as well as different levels of the game of basketball. Each one of them brings a positive attitude and outlook towards new students who are in their class. This positive attitude as well as their own personal success are great motivational tools for all current players. Other than these successful coaches, coach Calvert has a multitude of success stories from previous players. Two examples are Shea Seals who plays for the NBA Lakers as well as Lee Mayberry for Milwaukee.

We also offer dinner in advance group lessons as well as provide the best basketball camps in jenks. We have cans throughout the year and each of them focuses on different skills. Our beginner group is for ages 5 to 12 and the Advanced group is for 13 and up. Some adjustments may be made depending on the skill level of your child and the coaches might put them in a different group depending if they need more help on certain things or are excelling more than other children in that group. On top of these group lessons, we also offer individual lessons. We attempt to pair the student with the coach that pushes them the most, whose personalities align, and who they feel most comfortable with. These individual lessons are for players who want to put in additional work and have one-on-one training.

score basketball is the highest and most reviewed basketball camps in Northeastern Oklahoma. With Coach Calvert being the founder of this company, his great success, multiple successful players as well as everything each one of the coaches brings to the table, Score basketball continues to grow and help develop more players. Other than basketball skills, coach Calvert puts developing each student’s fundamentals. The coaches focus on self-discipline, commitment, Focus, determination and tenacity.

If you would like more information on Score basketball and all it has to offer, head on over to our website www.scorebball.com. On the website, you will find information regarding available classes, success stories as well as video testimonials from past players! These videos are to provide just a little more reassurance that the program we teach here at Score works and is extremely beneficial in the development of both personal and basketball skills!

Best Basketball Camps in Jenks | Player Development and Ball Handling

One reason Score Basketball has the Best Basketball Camps in Jenks is because of our well-respected history! Our founder coach Calvert has had over 20 years of teaching experience and helping athletes develop their basketball IQ in skills as well as the personal fundamentals. Some of the things that coach Calvert teaches off of the Court are self-discipline, commitment Focus determination and tenacity. We strive to advance each child on and off the court and help them develop skills that will reward them with a successful life.

Along with our weekly group lessons, we also offer the best basketball camps in Jenks. We have two groups lessons that are the beginner class and the advanced class. The beginner class is typically for ages 5 to 12 in advance classes are for 13 and up. After a few classes, the coaches will communicate with the parents as well as the athletes to see if they feel like they are in the correct group. Sometimes a student needs to change classes in order to learn more fundamental basketball skills or because they are too advanced for the group they’re currently in. If you want to take an individual class as well, you can take both a group lesson and an individual. individual lessons are a one-on-one type of lesson in which you have the coach’s full attention for an hour. This is beneficial for people who want to advance their basketball game as much as possible or for athletes who learn better in a smaller social setting.

Throughout the year we offer many different basketball camps for all ages which we try to coordinate with the local schools and their schedules so that students are able to come to the best basketball camps in Jenks Oklahoma during their school breaks. These camps are scheduled throughout the year in which the dates and times vary depending on the best time for the majority of the students. Because of this we keep the camp information updated on our website at all times. These camps are beneficial to students because they teach a wide variety of things that are not taught in normal everyday lessons. In order to register for these camps please visit our website or call our office! If you’re wondering if Score basketball is the right fit for you, we are currently offering a deal for your first month at only a dollar.

If you want more information regarding our camps, beginner or Advanced group date and times, available individual date and times, contact information, coach Calvert history, former player success stories as well as former player video testimonies visit our website at www.scorebebball.com. We also have a “first-time visitor” tab that allows you to type in personal information and one of our coaches will give you a call to discuss your children’s current basketball skill level and which class option would be best for them! Our phone number is 918-955-7160 if you still have any questions or concerns after looking at our website!

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