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Score basketball is located behind the Cree Crossing shopping center at 128th and Memorial. For those looking for BICSI basketball lessons we provide a convenient way for every student, player and parent. Score basketball is been recognized by the NBA and endorsed by several legendary coaches as having the best basketball training method in the nation. As a company we’ve also been featured on several TV networks that include ABC and CBS. What we offer at score basketball is a chance for every Bixby basketball lesson to be an improvement and a step in the right direction to being a successful basketball player.

Coach Don Calvert is a multi-award-winning national championship basketball coach. He has an astounding track record that is been placing confidence in players and students for the last 15 years of training and coaching. He is also a renowned Oklahoma University basketball player as well as being mentored by legendary coach Henry IBA. He brings the best of the best because he’s been trained, men toward and coached are the best. His knowledge and experience has won him the recognition from Oklahoma State University Coach Eddie Sutton who endorses his method used in Bixby basketball lessons.

We pride ourselves on having one of the top basketball training facilities in Bixby Oklahoma. We have high quality basketballs for every student in player as well special equipment that is easily accessible for student and player use. Don’t want the outside of our faculty for you because when you step inside you will be absolutely amazed. Our courts have been recently refurbished and are 100% clean. We believe that the right tools are one of the key components to providing excellent quality basketball training service. That is why we only supplier students in players with the best.

Coach Calvert is very adamant about applying life lessons within the methods of basketball training. Like to give the basketball life requires hard work, self-discipline, determination and teamwork to be successful. Not only do we teach your child to Excel in the game of basketball but whatever they put their mind to outside the court will happen because of the strong foundation being laid during our Bixby basketball lessons. When you choose score basketball you choose to enrich your life as a player, as a student and as a person 100% guaranteed. You improve more than your strength and your basketball dribbling.

We guarantee that every player and child will improve at score basketball. In fact we are so confident in this statement that we provide 100% guarantee money back. What this means is if you are not completely satisfied as a player or as a parent with your child we will give you your money back no questions asked. You should know that score basketball has helped several players reach their goal of playing professional NBA basketball and others to achieve full ride scholarships to universities like Indiana State, Missouri State, OSU and countless others. Visit us online or give us a call at 918 – 955 – 7160.

Finding the number one training facility for Bixby basketball lessons

Score basketball is widely known throughout Bixby Oklahoma as the number one basketball training facility in Oklahoma. They are known for their high quality equipment, their coaching methods and their high standards that it pushed countless basketball players to become NBA superstars. They’ve been featured on several TV networks including ABC and have been endorsed by OSU coach Eddie Sutton. They are known for their integrity, their dedication and their ability to improve every single student that sets onto their court. If you’re looking for the number one training facility for Bixby basketball lessons at score basketball is the right choice for you.

To give you a little history score basketball is headed up by Coach Don Calvert. He is a former Oklahoma University basketball player and has been mentoring players through basketball and life for over 15 years. He has been the reason for the success of several basketball players who have gone into the NBA and who have received full ride college scholarships to schools like OSU, Arizona, Kentucky and countless others. Coach Don Calvert has developed a basketball teaching system that is been recognized nationwide and endorsed by professional basketball player Shea Seals.

So we know that you’re impressed that Coach Don Calvert has won two national championships but what does he offer you as a player? He offers the best of the best and professional basketball training equipment, a basketball training method that is improve the lives of so many players and a training team who is absolutely dedicated to improving the lives of students and players. He brings you the connection that every players looking for to have with a mentor. He built a strong foundation and then bride by brick he builds level by level your success story 1 stone at a time.

If you truly have the desire to get better and discover a mentor who cares about you then check out Bixby basketball lessons at score basketball. We provide private lessons, group lessons and double lessons. We have a wide variety of coaching basketball packages that are catered toward every one of our students. For us every player is unique, every skill set is different and talent lies in different places. Our job is to focus on the place where talent may lack in improve those places by giving the student and the parent feedback after the end of each Bixby basketball less.

Choose to get better now. Choose to step up, step out and make for a stronger basketball core. We guarantee that we can give you the skills, the training and that mentoring that you’ve been searching for all over Bixby. We teach a lesson you need to know on the court and the lessons that’ll help you rise to the top in every area of your life. Self-discipline, determination, confidence, discernment, quick thinking, positive energy, good attitudes are all right here at score basketball. We provide all of this in our Bixby basketball lessons and if you’re not completely satisfied after the lesson we guarantee your money back 100%. You have nothing to lose when you choose to take lessons at score basketball Bixby Oklahoma. Get better now.

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