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Score basketball sets apart from every other basketball training facility in South Tulsa. We provide lessons that produce results and have been producing results for over 20 years. The first time you step on the floor with Coach Don Calvert at score basketball during yourself Tulsa basketball lesson you’ll know that is the place to learn. Every lesson is filled with encouragement, positive energy and honesty the drives each player to be better. We expect that every student in player will work their hardest to improve their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses. With over 20 years of experience we can bring the greatness at of every one of our trainees.

We produce such a high level of players that we have been ranked one of the number one training facilities in South Tulsa. We have worked with several players who have gone on to play college basketball at huge universities like Missouri state, Oklahoma State University, Indiana state, Arizona, Kentucky and the list goes on and on. But we just don’t help graduate students get full rides to universities. We’ve also participated in several successful basketball players who have gone on to the NBA. Shea Seals is a personal student of Coach Calvert’s and still comes back to score basketball to learn from him.

Whether you’re looking for a college scholarship, to play in the NBA or you’re simply looking to improve your athletic ability score basketball’s South Tulsa basketball lessons provide the best fit. We start from the basics and beginners class and then move up to advance group lessons. We helped shape the knowledge of the game and we offer encouraging feedback that addresses the strengths and the weaknesses of every student. This feedback is also related to every parent in player at the end of each lesson. We want our parents to be involved in what’s going on at score basketball with their child during their South Tulsa basketball lesson.

We guarantee that you’ll get better and better and better after every cell Tulsa basketball lesson. We provide state-of-the-art equipment and both of our basketball courts. Along with the creative and positive atmosphere to train in. We never waste any time during any of our South Tulsa basketball lessons. Every student has a high quality basketball in their hands and is either running drills, shooting or dribbling. We bring out the best of every player, student and child who is looking to better themselves and the world of basketball.

At score basketball our main focus is develop a sense of self-confidence, inspire motivation and make sure every student is being attended to. We have a full-time staff is dedicated to making everything easy and as painless as possible to get your child enrolled in South Tulsa basketball lessons. The moment you step into our facility still have the faith and the confidence that you made the right choice in choosing us. Every student player gets the tools they need and the men touring that you been looking for all over the city. For more information concerning score basketball and our South Tulsa basketball lessons give us a call or visit our website online.


Participating, practicing and proving that are South Tulsa basketball lessons are the best

Enhance your ability to play better, practice harder and improve after every lesson. Score basketball located in South Tulsa guarantees this for every one of our students. We have taught, coached and improve the lives of so many basketball players who’ve gone on to play in the NBA. As a company we’ve only gotten better over the past 20 years and have been widely featured on several television networks including NBC. Every student participates, practiced and by the end of lesson proves they have what it takes to be the best of the best.

At score basketball we have put together a great team of full-time employees were 100% dedicated to the needs and the desires of players and parents. We have a large variety of coaching packages that include private lessons, double lessons and South Tulsa basketball small group lessons. The reason that we specialize in small groups is because we like to focus on every player individually so they can improve more drastically. It’s true that some South Tulsa training facilities can handle more kids but it eliminates the time for them to focus and improve on their students. At score basketball we use our time wisely and every student gets results.

No matter the level the player whether it’s beginner or advanced or professional coach Don Calvert has the expertise to teach and mentor everyone. He has won two national championships and for the past 15 years has coached at so many different levels and basketball. He has worked for several Oklahoma legendary basketball players such as Shea Seals and Lee Mayberry. His methods were inspired by Coach Henry Iba and his father Don Calvert Senior. Every student improves under coach Don Calvert at score basketball in South Tulsa.

Our team inspires confidence, motivation, determination and an overwhelming will to improve upon oneself. We are looking for students and players for willing to work hard. If you’re coming to hang out with your buddies and goof around the whole time than that are South Tulsa basketball lessons are not for you. We are looking for the students who are dedicated and ready to work, sweat and learn from the best in South Tulsa Oklahoma. If you take the time to learn from us than we guarantee that you’ll improve drastically and expand your knowledge of the game.

We teach the fundamentals and create a foundation that is strong and potentially unbreakable. Upon this foundation other things will be built, grown and sown throughout the years. The lessons that are taught at score basketball in South Tulsa do not just apply to the game. It applies to every aspect of life and how her students be life. Every NBA player will tell you how you live your life affects the way you play on the court. A positive attitude, a good mindset and the ability to work with others goes a long way on the court basketball and on the court of life. For more information about our South Tulsa basketball lessons give us a call or visit us online.

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