Great player start with great fundamentals at every South Tulsa basketball lesson

At score basketball we believe that every player at any level can improve on their fundamentals. We believe that a strong foundation is the key component to building a strong basketball player who can go on to play college or even in the NBA. Score basketball believes the starting with the fundamentals and then moving on to improve the rest of the areas of the game. Every student and player no matter the skill level always gets a rework with their foundation and their South Tulsa basketball fundamentals. We believe in making the strong stronger and the weak areas strong at every South basketball lesson.

Our lessons involve every single one of our coaches including our head coach, Coach Don Calvert. Coach down convert is a former OU College basketball player and a two-time national championship winner. He is chose for the past 15 years and has developed a coaching method that has been endorsed by Oklahoma State University former basketball coach, Coach Eddie Sutton. The system is also been endorsed by the national basketball Association and several Pro basketball players including Shea Seals. Shea seals played with the LA Lakers from 1997 to 1998. All of these well-known basketball legends endorsed the system because they focused on developing great fundamentals.

We believe that every player can improve and results can be a real thing. At score basketball during our South Tulsa basketball lessons we never waste a player and/or parent’s time or money. Every player needs to come prepared to work and pushed themselves to the next level of greatness. But we also believe in having fun and having a great time while playing the game that we all love so much. There’s no point in training, developing self-discipline and pushing yourself if you’re not having fun doing. We can’t promise that will be easy, in fact it’ll be hard but at score basketball our South Tulsa basketball lessons are 100% worth it.

For any parent or player who’s concerned about stepping into a new training facility without knowing a lot we also offer 100% money back guarantee. We want every parent and player to feel confident that if they know this is the place for then the train we can refund every cent. You should know that we are one of the most sought after training facilities in the nation and have been featured on NBC, ABC and CBS. We hardly ever have to go refund someone’s money because they didn’t see results right away. With our South Tulsa basketball lessons we deliver results but hundred percent of the time.

Whether you’re looking to participate in the physical activity, gain a college scholarship or eventually go on to play professional basketball score basketball can help. We keep you busy, hard-working, developing skills and drilling you so that we ingrain the fundamentals into your very core. Even Shea Seals says that every time he stepped on the court with Coach Calvert he felt himself improving and getting better as a player. Find out more about score basketball and what we offer by visiting our website today. Also for a limited time we are offering one free lesson in one free T-shirt so that you can find out of our South Tulsa basketball lessons are right for you.


Fundamentals, foundation and far past any expectation and South Tulsa

Score basketball offers an opportunity for every player to completely rework their foundation and step up in their basketball game. We also often an opportunity for parents to find a positive and physical activity for their children. Score basketball we believe in developing self-discipline and a good work ethic that will go far beyond our newly finish basketball courts. Our facility, methods and coaches have been approved and endorsed by the national basketball Association. We’ve also been recognized and endorsed by several college basketball coaches including Eddie Sutton of Oklahoma State University. If you’re looking for the best training facility and a great place for South Tulsa basketball lessons then continue reading about score basketball.

We know that your time is valuable and we know how hard everyone works for money. That is why we don’t waste either of those two precious things. When a player or student steps into the basketball court of score basketball during their South Tulsa basketball lesson we don’t waste anyone’s time. The moment the lesson begins barehanded the basketball and immediately begin doing drills and improving their skills. We believe in improving fundamentals, foundation and building upon these two main components. Talent will only get you so far if you don’t have a strong foundation or a vast knowledge of the game. At Score basketball we teach both.

Most Tulsa basketball training facility specializes in large groups of players or students. At score basketball we learned a long time ago how easy it is to lose one, two or more students in a vast sea of players. That is why score basketball specializes in small group lessons. We believe in focus on the individual so that we can work with each of them to improve their fundamentals and build a strong foundation. We also give positive feedback to every parent and player at the end the lesson. We always tell the truth about their strengths and about their weaknesses. We believe in improvement and getting results in every area of the player’s skills.

Come prepared to work hard but also come prepared have fun. Score basketball believes that if you’re not having fun and there’s absolutely no point in picking up one of our high quality basketballs. When you step on the court we want you to breathe in the care of success, work towards that greatness and sweat out the weakness of holding you back. Every time you drill, shoot and dribble we want you to focus on expanding your knowledge of the fundamentals of basketball. Our South Tulsa basketball lessons go far beyond any expectation that a player, student or parent has. We improve and we make sure that every player gets better now.

Staying active is very important to score basketball. We believe that staying active on the court and outside the court are very important. We also believe that how you live your life has everything to do with how you play the game. We teach self-respect, respect others, self-discipline and teamwork that applies to every aspect of our clients life. We want every student have a great time but also walk away with lessons that are going to change their life forever. We believe that every one of our students can climb success ladder no matter if it’s toward college, the NBA or another road. To find out more about score basketball and our South Tulsa basketball lessons visit us online today.

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