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We know what you’re looking for in Jenks basketball lessons at score basketball. What we provide is an elite basketball training system that is been endorsed by Hall of Fame coach Eddie Sutton and endorsed by the NBA. We specialize in training, mentoring and raising up incredible basketball players who will be successful in every area of their life. For us it’s more than about dribbling a ball or shooting a basket. It’s about connecting with every player and making sure that they have the means to be the best that they can be. With over 20 years of professional basketball training experience we have the best Jenks basketball lessons in the city.

Score basketball is been featured on NBC, ABC and CBS. We’ve also been endorsed by the NBA and endorsed by professional basketball player Shea Seals of the LA Lakers. We’ve been recognized by several training basketball facilities throughout the US is one of the top basketball training companies in the nation. When you come to a Jenks basketball lesson you walk away with more than just a stronger, faster and better physical appearance. You walk away with the foundation that will support you through every aspect of your life. That is our mission and that is our goal in our Jenks basketball lessons.

Our Jenks basketball lessons dived deep in developing the offense and defense is skills of every single player. We specialize in small groups because we want to be able to give individual feedback to both the players and the parents after every Jenks basketball lesson. Our goal is to make you stronger where your strong and improve the places we are not a strong. We provide well-rounded basketball players no matter the age, no matter the skill and no matter the level. We are so certain that are NBA endorsed basketball system works that we have a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t walk away better now we pay you back every cent.

We believe in being active with the ball and never wasting time during a lesson. Every player that we train in our Jenks basketball lessons is guaranteed to be better and stronger than they were yesterday. But it’s not just the player who gets better. Every time we teach, coach and mentor an individual player we ourselves grow as a company and become better at our job. The players help to push us just like we help to push them. For any Jenks basketball player looking for lessons who was willing to work hard and pushed to the limit we guarantee that our system will work for you.

Coach Don Calvert has trained several players who have gone to play professional basketball. He believes in this basketball coaching system and providing awesome Jenks basketball essence. He is been coached, mentor and instructed by the best coaches in America. When you choose Coach Don Calvert to shape you, mentor you and push you to your limit you will be a better basketball player. Our goal in our focus is that you would succeed in every single lesson that you attend. Choose score basketball and choose to get better now. For more information about our mission and who we are call us at 918 – 955 – 7160 or visit our website at

Strengthening your offense and defense with Jenks basketball lessons

Score basketball creative fun and challenging atmosphere so that our students perceive the most out of every Jenks basketball lesson. Coach Calvert has developed a basketball training system that works and has been endorsed by the NBA. Score basketball is also been featured on NBC, ABC and CBS. As a company we have been named one of the top basketball training facilities in the country and have been endorsed by legendary Oklahoma State coach Eddie Sutton. When you choose score basketball to take lessons we guarantee that your game will improve with every single one.

The foundation. We lay the foundation for every student so they can keep rising and rising no matter where they play. Coach Don Calvert has been toward, trained and coached dozens of players who have gone on to play in the NBA. It’s because of that foundation that we laid with every single Jenks basketball lesson that they improved and rose to that level of excellence that lies on the inside of each of us. If you’re looking for the best of the best in Jenks basketball lessons than score basketball is the right spot for you. Choose to be better now and continue to be better for the rest your life.

The packages. We provide several coaching and training packages that cater to each individual student when they come for Jenks basketball lessons. We specialize in small groups because we want to be able to connect and collaborate with every player so they get the most out of what they’re paying for. We never won a student standing around are looking to keep busy. From the moment the lesson starts they have a ball in their hand and a coach improving the skill moment by moment. We encourage our students to bring their friends so that they can improve together and succeed at the same rate.

Feedback. Our job as coaches is not to yell, curse and care the students down. Our goal is to give positive feedback that addresses the areas that might not be a strong is others. We give praise when a student does well and we instruct when they need to improve. We believe in creating well-rounded players that can go on to the NBA or to play college basketball. Our Jenks basketball lessons is the number one reason why we have helped players receive full bride university scholarships to schools like Indiana state, OSU, Arizona and Missouri state. We have a system that works and a system that creates successful Jenks basketball players.

In fact score basketball is so certain that our system works we provide a 100% money back guarantee to any student who doesn’t walk out a better player, a better person and a better individual. We know that it takes hard work to become excellent. For any student looking to work hard, listen and be willing to step out of their basketball comfort zone we can help at score basketball. Call us today at 918 – 955 – 7160 to schedule your Jenks basketball lesson. We provide group lessons or private lessons depending on the need of the player. Visit our website at

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