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Score basketball provides established itself nearly 2 decades ago and has grown to provide what is known as the leading basketball service for hundreds of basketball players throughout Jenks Oklahoma. We’ve been featured on NBC, ABC and CBS. We have been endorsed by professional basketball players including Shea Seals of the LA Lakers. Our very own coach Don Calvert was meant toward and trained by the legendary basketball Coach Henry Iba. We bring the knowledge, the experience and the training expertise to provide astounding Jenks basketball lessons for every student and player.

What we bring to the table is a fun, positive and exciting perspective in every lesson. We pride ourselves in providing lessons that don’t only apply on the court but in life. We went to improve not only the players but the people that those players truly are. Our lessons develop self-discipline, a good work ethic and a determination to be better than they were yesterday. We are the best because we produce the best results and provide lessons that go beyond the Jenks basketball court.

We specialize in small groups because we never want to lose the connection between our teachers and our students. We want to be able to give feedback and every Jenks basketball lesson to both the parents and the player. We want to be able to see your strong attributes and the places that might not be as strong. Our job is to tear you down so that we can build you up stronger, faster and physically fit for any basketball game that may come your way. Parents say that we have the best of the best and Jenks basketball lessons anywhere in the city.

We provide a state-of-the-art faculty with the absolute best basketball goals in the industry and new the refurbished floors that are always clean. We only provide the best equipment for every one of our students because we want them to be the absolute best players. Every student walks in a student and comes out a much better player than they were when they came in. We guarantee that every student gets the most of their experience and apparently never be disappointed by any of our Jenks basketball lessons. We are so certain that our system is the best in the city that we offer 100% money back guarantee if a parent or player is not completely satisfied with the results.

Coach Don Calvert has taken what he has learned from these legendary coaches and utilized it into a Jenks basketball lesson training system that works. We know what produces results because coach Calvert has helped several players get full-time scholarships to universities and even a place among the legendary basketball players of the MBA. We work in all different levels and ages. From ages six and up we mentor, we train and we provide the best Jenks basketball lessons in the state of Oklahoma. These lessons are actually endorsed by Oklahoma State Hall of Famer Eddie Sutton. We bring you the Jenks basketball lessons that work and produce results. For more information about scheduling group lessons and private lessons call us at 918 – 955 – 7160 or visit us online at Get better now.


Finding the best of the best in Jenks Oklahoma for basketball lessons

Score basketball has been endorsed by former Oklahoma State University basketball coach Eddie Sutton. He has endorsed not only our training facility but the training system that is been developed by Coach Don Calvert. Coach Don Calvert Junior was instructed and mentored by Coach Henry Iba who is known as a legendary basketball coach throughout the industry. Because Coach Calvert has had such immense training he only brings the best the best to every Jenks basketball lesson. It’s more than just about dribbling a ball or shooting a basket. It’s about becoming a better player, a better person and a better individual then when you walked into our faculty.

We work with kids of all ages and basketball skill levels. Whether you are a beginner, advanced, college player or professional player, score basketball caters to every need of every student. We provide lessons and specialize in small group sessions so that we can individually give feedback to every student and parent. For us it’s not necessarily about winning the game. It’s about connecting and collaborating with every basketball player so that they can arise to that new level of excellence in the game. We guarantee that winning always follows after our Jenks basketball lessons.

We pride ourselves in taking time to improve every player one at a time. We believe that greatness lies on the inside of every basketball player and coach Calvert is determined to pull it out in every single Jenks basketball lesson. Our students improve because we develop a high level of self-discipline, dedication and determination to rise to the highest quality level in the basketball industry. We have a variety of coaching packages that fit to each and every unique basketball player so they get exactly what they need when they step into our facility. If you’re looking to play for college or the NBA the score basketball is the number one place to get your training done.

We bring a level of energy that is positive and constructive. We don’t believe in tearing down students without first giving them positive feedback on what they’re good at. When it’s time to tear down we immediately begin building back up so that they can become stronger, faster and mentally capable of handling any situation that happens on that basketball court. Our lessons provide students with essentials that go beyond picking up a ball and dribbling it. We give the foundation and the key components to exceed in every area of their life whether they continue to pursue basketball or not.

Choose to be the best of the best with our Jenks basketball lessons. You’ll find that we have the state art equipment, an excellent faculty and the best training faculty in the country. Here at score basketball we take the time to improve every student and encourage them to be better than they were when they came in. We’ve seen the greatness come out and coach Calvert has seen it in the several players that he has helped succeed in the NBA. Our training lessons private or group help every student dramatically. Choose the best of Jenks basketball lessons at score basketball and you’ll see the greatness awakened almost immediately.


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