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What area of the game do you want to improve? Or maybe her parent looking for a way to take your child’s natural basketball talent and turn it into more. At score basketball we’ve been providing excellent basketball training for over 20 years. We’ve been featured on NBC and ABC as well as being recognized by the NBA as one of the leading basketball training facilities in the country. Over the past two decades we have worked with children and players of all ages and skill levels. We provide state-of-the-art equipment, a neat and clean training facility as well as a two-time national championship award-winning coach, Coach Don Calvert.

For those who don’t know who Coach Don Calvert is and what he has to offer your child in our Bixby basketball lessons keep reading. He is a two-time national championship winning basketball coach and a former University of Oklahoma basketball player. For the last 15 years he has been teaching, coaching and challenging basketball players to be the best of the can be. He has worked with several players achieve their dreams of playing college basketball or shooting hoops full-time in the NBA. But most importantly he was personally mentor to buy the basketball coach, Coach Henry Iba. Coach Henry is a former Oklahoma State University basketball coach who regrettably passed away in 1993. His coaching tree includes coaches such as Eddie Sutton, Scott Sutton, Sean Sutton, Doc saddler, Bill self, Bobby Knight and of course Don Calvert.

Score basketball is different from any other basketball training company in Oklahoma because of our approach. Where others simply want to get the players in, throw them the ball and then get them out before the next lesson as soon as possible. There is absolutely no point in wasting your money on other basketball training companies who don’t take the time to pay attention to the individuality and the skill level of your child. We provide a vast variety of coaching packages that include private lessons, double lessons and small group lessons. We believe that connection between the coach and the player is vital for both of them to do their jobs and succeed in the end.

No parent or player ever has to worry about training in a run-down old basketball gym. We provide only the best equipment, state-of-the-art goals and high-quality basketballs for every student. The moment the lesson begins every player has a basketball in their hand and it doesn’t leave until the Bixby basketball lesson is completely over. After the lesson ends this is the time for the teachers and the coaches the sit down with the parents to deliver feedback in a positive and encouraging way. We are always honest about your child week points but we offer easy solutions to improve these areas.

If you’re looking for a way to challenge, build confidence, motivate and develop self-discipline in your future NBA basketball superstar than score basketball is right for you. For over 20 years we have helped basketball players fulfill their dreams, including Shea Seals who is a former Tulsa University basketball player and now plays full-time for the LA Lakers. Score basketball offers the basics and beginners class and we also provide advanced group lessons for the ones where further along. No matter what, no matter who and the matter when our Bixby basketball lessons have something for everybody. Give us a call or visit us online at


Develop your child’s skill with our Bixby basketball lessons

Score basketball has been providing personal, private and small group lessons for kids to achieve their basketball dreams for over 20 years. It’s a fact that the overall quality of basketball improves in every year. This is why score basketball strongly believes that children should start developing their skills early in their life. The problem is there is no real opportunity or door for parents to send their children to improve on the skills. When score basketball first established ourselves we set out to make sure that there is a respectable place with the top quality equipment to start developing every child’s athletic, confidence and physical skill as soon as possible. If you’re looking for the best Bixby basketball lessons to get your child active, full of confidence and self-disciplined then continue reading.

Our head coach, Coach John Calvert has been instructing and teaching children of all skill levels and ages the last 15 years. Throughout these years he has developed a basketball training system that is been endorsed by several top college coaches and more than a few NBA superstars. He has a strong desire and focus to improve the confidence, mindset and mentality of children all over Bixby Oklahoma. He teaches them in parallel with the Bixby basketball lessons about life, success and achieving what some would call and possible. He makes every child completely aware of what they’re capable of and how far they can go in this life.

He also increases the knowledge of the game and applies practical points that can be used in every area of their young life. At score basketball we never waste time or your hard-earned money by having your child stand around at our Bixby basketball lessons. From the moment the lesson starts every child is handed a high quality basketball and the training begins immediately. Then after the lesson every coach and teacher sits down with the parents to give them positive feedback and reveals the then the areas that need to be improved. We offer encouragement, feedback and positive reinforcement for every one of our students. We always raise them up and tear off the fear that holds them back from success.

When you step into our faculty you’ll find that we have put together an incredible team of employees at score basketball. You’ll find that we only use the best the best in training equipment and we have newly finished basketball courts with our electrifying score logo in the center. You’ll be greeted by one of our full-time staff and immediately helped in going over every one of our coaching packages that we offer. We went make sure that you place your child in the best possible state said they can improve. Our packages include an affordable price, private lessons, group lessons and double lessons. These are all available for every player and parent’s convenience.

The time to improve your child’s athletic, mental and confident skills is today. At score basketball we believe in get better now. Whether your child wants to go on to play high school basketball, college ball or become a professional NBA superstar we have the means to help them get to where they’re going. With Coach Calvert’s 15 years of experience and our 20 years of experience that’s a combination of 35 years of professional basketball experience that is be important to every student and your child. If you’re looking for a strong development as a player or as a parent for your child then visit score basketball online at or call us today.


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