In order to find the best basketball camps in Jenks Oklahoma simply Google score basketball. With our successful long history and well-known founder, Coach Calvert, we have been in business for over 20 years and have produced multiple successful players on and off the court. One of the things that we focus on that also makes us stand out from other basketball training facilities in our area as we focus on not only the basketball skills but important fundamental Personal skills. Coach Calvert himself was coached by the well-known IBA. This is where coach Calvert pulls some of his basketball training techniques.

You won’t find the best basketball camps in Jenks at any other place other than school basketball. We offer these camps throughout the year and attempt to schedule them according to local schools in their breaks. This is to ensure that most students are able to attend the whole can due to being out of school. If you are currently in either one of our classes, beginner or advanced, you are more than welcome to sign up for these camps. These camps are available to any child who is not currently signed up for our classes as well as current students. These camp dates and times change frequently and are updated on our website for as clear as communication as possible.

Coach Calvert takes pride in each player’s success and that is why he promotes his camps to ensure people are able to find the best basketball camps in Jenks Oklahoma with little effort. Along with these camps, we offer a few different available class options. beginner classes are usually for ages 5 to 12 in advanced classes are usually for 13 and above. depending on each individual student and their skill level, their age It’s not the only deciding factor when choosing a class. Sometimes after a few classes and communication with the parents as well as the students we make the decision to switch the student into a different class depending on their needs or what they are excelling at.

Score Basketball stands out from surrounding basketball facilities in our area due to our well-respected founder and his lifelong basketball knowledge. This knowledge comes from his former coach, Coach Iba, who is believed to have invented many of today’s basketball coaching theories and best practices. The coach IBA was so well respected that the Oklahoma State University basketball arena is named after him. Coach Calvert took everything that he was taught during his time under coach IBA as well as his experience throughout the years and created an exceptional basketball training facility that not only helps the players on the court but also off the court.

Our website is updated periodically to keep the information accurate and up-to-date. with multiple cams every few months these dates and times often change to better fit the needs of the students and their parents. On our website, you will also find information about Coach Calvert and his history, information about the available classes and much more. Our website is and her phone number is 918-955-7160.

Find the Best Basketball Camps in Jenks | Coach Calvert’s Basketball Training

If you want to find the best basketball camps in Jenks Oklahoma Score Basketball has multiple, throughout-the-year camps available to you no matter your skill level. These camps focus on an assortment of different skills and are scheduled according to local schools in their Break schedules. By doing this we are expanding the amount of students that are available to make it.

Coach Calvert takes pride in each of his students’ success and one way he attracts more and more students to his facility is by making it easy to Find the Best Basketball Camps in Jenks. Other than his camps, Score Basketball offers a few different options for lessons. We offer beginner, advanced, and individual lessons. The beginner group is aimed towards the ages of 5-12 years old. Advanced is for ages 13 and above. Any student is able to schedule individual lessons depending on availability!

Another way Calvert and his team of coaches make it easy to Find the Best Basketball Camps in Jenks is by a large number of positive reviews from former and current players and parents! These reviews are beneficial to the continued success of the business and are appreciated by the coaches because their hard work and dedication to forming the skills of each player are recognized! Score Basketball and its training “curriculum” and strategies are all based on personal experience from Coach Calvert himself and everything he has learned throughout his life of being a basketball player and coach.

Score has a successful history of transforming players into their greatest potential and has numerous success stories. An example of this is two former students/players of Coach Calverts who have reached the NBA level and claim Calvert was one of the main reasons for their extreme success. He was also named “Coach of Choice” for over 50 Division I basketball players as well as 4 professional basketball players. One thing that is commonly mentioned by these successful players, is the impact of the personal development Calvert instilled in them. This dedication and extreme amount of work is taught to every student who walks through our doors! You are going to be so incredibly happy with how good we are.

For more information about Score, Coach Calvert, success stories, skills that are taught, pricing, video testimonies from former and current players, available classes and times and much more, visit our website We are currently running a special that is available to any new student and the offer is your first lesson for only $1! It’s the perfect opportunity to get a feel of what all we have to offer here at Score! For just $1 your child is able to get hands-on experience from our best coaches while receiving the full effect of our classes! Give us a call at 918-955-7160 if you have any questions or concerns or if you want to take up this great offer for your first lesson!

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