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At score basketball we believe well-rounded players. We believe that natural talent is good but it’s not enough to Excel yourself into utter greatness. Score basketball focuses not only on the fundamentals of the game but on increasing your knowledge of the basketball game. Our goal is that our students and players would not only excel physically but excel mentally. We want them to have a perspective of basketball like they never have before. We believe that the basketball game is so similar to the much bigger game that we all must play. That is the game of life.

To give you little back history on score basketball we were founded over two decades ago with one mission in mind. To provide opportunity to students, kids and players to increase their knowledge of the game and build a strong foundation that would carry them all through life. We are now been headed up by Coach Calvert who is one of the number one coaches in the nation and the winner of two national championships. His father is the late coach Don Calvert senior and he was meant toward by Coach Henry Iba who sadly passed away in 1993. Even though his mentor passed on Coach Calvert has carried on coach Henry’s methods and brought them to every Bixby basketball lesson.

Coach Calvert works with players of all ages and levels. For the past 15 years he’s been coaching, mentoring and teaching from ages six and up. He is taught everyone from high school level to college-level and to NBA professional basketball level. At score basketball we focus on the basics and every beginner class and then move in to the advance group lesson which increases game development tremendously. During this process students and players also increase their knowledge of the game. Coach Calvert strongly believes in teaching basketball methods parallel with life lessons.

At score basketball we give every child and basketball player the tools they need in our Bixby basketball lessons. We are so confident in our teaching method, which has been endorsed by Oklahoma State University coach Eddie Sutton, that if a player or parent is not completely satisfied with the results we guarantee their money back 100%. Ask score basketball we are not here to take your money, pile budget kids in the gym and goof around all day. We are strictly here to improve confidence, self-discipline and determination in every one of our students so that they can succeed in every aspect of her life. We don’t waste your time, we don’t waste your money and we don’t waste the skill and determination of Coach Calvert.

With other 15 years of experience coach Don Calvert has only one goal. To improve the lives and the fundamentals of every student that he comes in contact with. He believes himself to be so blessed by the teachings that came from his father and from Coach Henry. He was to pass on this knowledge, this skill and this teaching to everyone he can. He believes that improvement can happen in every player, student and kid who was willing to work hard. Score basketball brings you the best of Bixby basketball lessons and foundation that will be completely unshakable. For more information about score basketball give us a call or visit us online at


Get ahead of the players at score basketball with Bixby basketball lessons

At score basketball we have Bixby basketball lessons designed for every level and age. As a company we guarantee that every player and student walkout improved in every area of basketball. We first focus on the fundamentals and build a strong foundation on which everything else can be built upon. Our method of teaching has been endorsed by former Tulsa University player Shea Seals who is said that every time he steps on the court at score basketball he knows that he will be improving as a player. A score basketball we provide the opportunity for children and players to increase their knowledge of the game and increase in their basketball skill in our Bixby basketball lessons.

What sets score basketball apart from any other training facility in Bixby Oklahoma? One we are one of the top training facilities known throughout the USA. We have also trained and been part of the success for several successful college players including Shea Seals, Lee Mayberry and Kalenna. Our methods are known throughout the basketball training industry is among the best systems in the nation. The system was developed by Coach Calvert who is personally mentored by Henry Iba. The system is also been endorsed by OSU Hall of Fame basketball coach, Eddie Sutton.

Players, students and parents know that there is no better place to improve the fundamental basketball training skills then at score basketball. What players and students absolutely love about Coach Calvert is his ability to parallel life lessons along with his training techniques. He not only believes in improving players but improving the person who steps offer that basketball court. For the last 15 years he has pushed, challenged and provided confidence for hundreds of outstanding basketball players. Students walk away with a better knowledge of the game, a better knowledge of life and a better knowledge of themselves.

Coach Calvert has worked with several players who’ve gone on to play in the NBA. Score basketball has also been featured as a basketball training facility on NBC, ABC and CBS. We’ve been endorsed by several professional players and several legendary coaches. This is provided confidence for the last 20 years inside every parent, player and student that our Bixby basketball lessons work. They improve, push and create a drive that moves every player into success. We are so confident that our methods and our training works that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Find out how you can get ahead of players by simply taking the time to work hard and dedicating yourself to our Bixby basketball lessons. Get better now and get better today by getting up and coming to score basketball located at 128th and Memorial. Step inside our brand-new facility and breathe in the smell of basketball all around you. We offer the best quality equipment in the basketball industry and our Bixby basketball lessons at one of the most affordable prices in Oklahoma. Get better with score basketball and we guarantee if you work hard you will get ahead of every player that you’ll ever encounter on the court. For more information about our mission and who we are give us a call at 918 – on 55 – 7160.


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