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With over two decades of experience and coaching professionalism, Score Basketball in Oklahoma is the number one choice for NBA players, college players and endorsed by basketball coaches across the Midwest. We are the official home of the official private basketball lesson coach for Tulsa Shock member Glory Johnson. Our method and our coaching system has been endorsed by Hall Of Fame Basketball Coach, Coach Eddie Sutton of Oklahoma State. He believes that what we’re doing here Score Basketball is truly improving players and sharpening their skills. If you’re looking to get better today and get better now give us a call at 918 – 955 – 7160.

Through persistence, failures and success, Coach Don Calvert has developed a winning system that has helped players from college level to NBA players including Shea Seals of the LA Lakers. He believes in not only teaching you about the game of basketball but mixing in life lessons that affect the way you think and the way that you play. He strongly believes that the way you live your life outside of the court determines how well you play when you step back on it. It’s not just about shooting, dribbling and being in shape. It’s about having a good perspective on life and on yourself.

This is why he is the official private basketball lesson coach of choice for Tulsa Shock member Glory Johnson. Because during his private lessons he not only encourages you on your strengths but addresses your weaknesses. We never yell or curse at you for the sake of making the practice intense. But we are never falsely kind you. Our goal is to get you better now and produce a better player than the one that walked into our facility. We are honest with you, show you what you need to work on and focus on those weaknesses so that you truly become a well-rounded player who can handle just about anything on the basketball court.

We also provide you with the skills and drills you need to take your game to the next level. It’s important for you not only to be strong physically but strong mentally. The game of basketball is not only about shooting a ball but handling the mental pressure that happens during a basketball game. You have to be able to think quick and think sharp so that you can succeed no matter how the game turns. This is what we teach you here at Score Basketball. To improve not only you as a basketball ballplayer but as a person who can think.

Our system has been endorsed by award-winning coaches, NBA scouts and countless athletes throughout the country. Coach Don Calvert is the official basketball lesson coach of choice for Tulsa Shock member Glory Johnson. We are going to improve the way that you play, the way that you think and the way that you perceive the game. Come into Score Basketball and see if we are good fit for you. You won’t be disappointed in the results and our performance is guaranteed.

Improve Yourself As a Person, As a Player and As a Leader by Choosing to Be Taught by the Official Private Basketball Lesson Coach of Choice for Tulsa Shock Member Glory Johnson

This content was written by Score Basketball

We have a coaching system that has been developed over the last 20 years. This system has taught several different athletes throughout the country including NBA players and college players. Our private basketball lessons are among the best in Oklahoma and our method of coaching has been endorsed by Hall Of Fame Oklahoma State Basketball Coach, Coach Eddie Sutton. To maximize your potential you need the best training facility in the Midwest. We have the drills, the skills and the performance guarantee that you will get better by choosing Score Basketball. Get better now by giving us a call at 918 – 955 – 7160.

Our basketball method. This method was developed by the award-winning coach with over 15 years of professional mentoring experience Coach Don Calvert. He has coached teams to basketball championships and was taught by Coach Bliss, who was taught by Hall Of Fame Basketball Coach Bob Knight. Coach Calvert is also the official private basketball lesson coach of choice for Tulsa Shock member Glory Johnson. He has gone on to teach several different players who have achieved University scholarships to schools including Missouri State, Indiana State, Oklahoma State University, Arizona, Kentucky and several others.

The method consistent not only focusing on the physical aspects of a player but expanding their mental capacity. It’s important for a player to think quick and to keep their cool no matter what happens on the court. A player that can strategize and become a tactician will over exceed any other player on the court. They can see things before they happen and know exactly what they need to do no matter what happens on the court. Being able to dribble, shoot and run is important. But having a well developmental capacity to handle the stress and the pressure of the game is half the battle.

Our method also consist of taking life lessons and mixing them together with basketball lessons. How you conduct yourself as a person, as a leader and as a player all ties in together on how well you will play on the basketball court. It’s important to understand how you carry yourself outside of our facility has everything to do with how you will learn and how you will play. Understanding that life is just like the game of basketball. Learn from your failures, from your mistakes and rejoice in your success but never stop working hard to get better.

This method is the reason why Coach Don Calvert is the official private basketball lesson coach of choice for Tulsa Shock member Glory Johnson. The skills, the drills and the teaching method is all right here at Score Basketball. We are willing to work hard as long as the players are willing to work hard. The system truly does deliver results if you dedicate your time and your energy to become the best that you can be. Call now to find more information about our private basketball lessons in Tulsa. We have a coaching package to meet your needs as a player.


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