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Train yourself mentally, physically, maximize your potential and improve your basketball game on and off the court. For over 20 years Score Basketball has been blessed to work for several different types of players on all different levels including high school, college and professional. We have been endorsed by several different NBA scouts, athletes and Hall Of Fame Basketball Coach for Oklahoma State, Coach Eddie Sutton. We are 100% focused on improving the skills and the abilities of all players who come looking to take their game to the next level. Call today at 918 – 955 – 7160 to sign-up today.

Coach Don Calvert is an award-winning basketball coach and is responsible for developing the coaching method that is used here at Score Basketball. His method was inspired by his own personal basketball mentor, Coach IBA. He also received coaching and training from the very successful Coach Bliss who was coached by Coach Bob Knight, A Hall Of Fame Basketball Coach. The system not only improves the physical attributes of a player but the mental and the lifestyle that they lead. He is a strong believer that how you live your life outside of the court determines how well you play on it.

Our goal is to develop a player who is both tough mentally and physically. It’s important for you not only to be able to shoot a basketball but to handle the stress that comes with every game. We strive to prepare you so that you are more than just another basketball player. You are unstoppable and you will always rise yourself to a new level even when you’re not being coached. The methods and the lessons that we teach you carry you through the rest your life whether you go on to play professional, college or you simply decide to take a different career route.

Our coaching system only works with those players who are willing to work hard. The official private basketball lesson coach of choice for Tulsa Shock member Glory Johnson is dedicated to working hard as long as his units are. Players who are simply looking for an easy fix to get better will not find it here at Score Basketball. Our training facility is only for those were really willing to work hard and to have open minds when it comes to learning how to improve their game. We understand that you have areas that you are strong in but we are more interested in your weaknesses and polishing those up.

You won’t be disappointed in the service or the professional coaching that we provide here at Score Basketball. Here at the facility we offer private basketball lessons in Tulsa, group basketball lessons, double lessons and game film analysis and a variety of coaching packages that can meet any players needs. Professional or college we can help you get better today. We’ve been endorsed by Shea Seals of the LA Lakers who has called Coach Calvert one of the best coaches in the country.

Endorsed by NBA Superstars and Home of the Official Private Basketball Lesson Coach of Choice for Tulsa Shock Member Glory Johnson

This content was written by Score Basketball

If you’re looking to improve yourself as a basketball player than you have come to the right place. Our teaching method has been endorsed by NBA basketball players, Hall Of Fame basketball coaches, NBA scouts and athletes all across the country. Coach Eddie Sutton, former basketball coach and now Hall Of Fame Oklahoma State Coach endorses our training system. Shea Seals of the LA Lakers also endorses the teaching and coaching experience that he has had with Coach Don Calvert who is responsible for developing the system that we use. If you’re looking to learn what you need to learn to become better than you were yesterday and the day before call today at 918 – 955 – 7160.

Here at Score Basketball we teach you the drills and the skills you need to have the ability to take your game to the next level. We are the top training facility in Oklahoma and we have had the opportunity to develop countless of players who have gone on to play for several different universities on scholarships including Missouri State, Indiana State, Oklahoma State University, Oral Roberts University, and hundreds of other schools. Get better today by choosing the number one basketball coach and the official private basketball lesson coach of choice for Tulsa Shock member Glory Johnson.

Here at Score Basketball we’ve designed a vast variety of different coaching packages designed to meet the needs of players on all different levels. Our goal is to take what you know and improve upon it. But more importantly we take what you don’t know and what you would consider your weaknesses and we work on it. You can trust that our coaches will never yell or curse at you for the sake of making a practice intends. But we are very transparent with you about your weaknesses and how to improve them.

Our method really focuses not only on the physical aspect of the game but the mental capacity that each player needs in order to follow through. The stress of the game can be just as tough as the physical stress that comes when playing. We teach you to develop both the mental and the physical aspects of the game so that you can be successful no matter what. We not only teach you basketball lessons but life lessons in every single coaching experience.

You have the opportunity here to learn from the official private basketball lesson coach of choice for Tulsa Shock member Glory Johnson. We have an absolute 100% player performance guarantee. We believe that through hard work and the ability to learn you can get better now. Allow yourself to be taken away by one of the most endorsed and quality coaching methods ever to hit Oklahoma. Learn what you need to learn to be better now.
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