A Balance of Learning and Fun

This Content Was Written for Score Basketball Featuring Oklahoma City Basketball Camps

Campers are expected to work hard and be receptive to coaching. For those looking to stay ahead of the game when it comes to skills on the basketball court, this is the camp for you. Give us a call today at 918-955-7160 for more information. You can also visit us online at grow.scorebball.com starting today. Our camp day to day schedule is a healthy balance of learning and enjoyment while always maintaining a competitive environment. Coaches will push and motivate campers throughout the week to improve upon their skills and basketball IQ. While we do recognize the value of scrimmaging as well as free time, we also pride ourselves in teaching the game of basketball. Drill stations, full court drills, offensive/defensive technique, and positional moves are all important points of emphasis with the Score Basketball staff.

It’s an all-encompassing look at how and Oklahoma City Basketball Camps can truly shape the way you play basketball. We are dedicated to the people of the Oklahoma area and want to give them a great alternative to other, subpar basketball camps. Score Basketball provides something that is a great opportunity for young basketball players looking to develop and refine their fundamental basketball skills. This program also includes a curriculum for intermediate/advanced players looking to enhance their skill set at the post, wing, or guard position. Emphasis is placed on fundamental development, shooting, offensive moves, defense, rebounding, team play, and more.

Although we are known for being the best camp in the area we are focused on being known as a place where players become better people as well. If you’re interested in how your child, student, or young athletes can become a more adept basketball player and person of great sportsmanship, give us a call today and let’s get the ball rolling on your Oklahoma City Basketball Camps needs. We coach each player about the nuances of their individual game, and we instruct and mentor each player throughout the camp cycle. If a player is struggling in a particular area, we are going to build the up and assist them through self-esteem and skill levels simultaneously.

It’s never been a better time than now to get Coach Calvert on your side when it comes to training the young people in your life that want to be better basketball players and better sportsmen all around. Give us a call today at 918-955-7160 for more information. We want to provide you with the absolute best when it comes to your ability to handle being a great basketball player. Coach Calvert was taught, coach, and personally mentor by Coach Iba. Coach Iba is the legendary basketball coach that Oklahoma State University’s basketball arena was named after. Coach Calvert was also instructed by Coach Bliss, a former student of Hall of Fame coach, Bob Knight.

We Train Some of the Best Players

This Content Was Written for Score Basketball Featuring Oklahoma City Basketball Camps

Score Basketball is for players of all ages who are ready to take things seriously and start getting their game to the next level, develop into effective play-makers, and become impact players on their teams. The course is also for coaches of all levels, particularly those who want to learn how to teach their teams the skills and habits of play that lead to winning basketball.

The Oklahoma City Basketball Camps provide an intense, rigorous basketball training experience that teaches you what to practice, and how to practice, to excel on the court. You will learn all the habits and skills necessary for you to be effective against bigger, faster players. You will also discover how to train more effectively, so you don’t practice and practice without getting results. We’ll teach you how to train smarter and harder so that your efforts pay off.

We want this to be the best investment you make on basketball all summer long, and we figure anyone coming to a program like this doesn’t want us to waste their time on anything that doesn’t help them improve. So, you’ll get as much information as possible in as many memorable ways as possible from beginning to end. Make sure you’re well-rested when you come because you will need it. Oklahoma City Basketball Camps provided by Score Basketball are no joke.

We train some of the best players in the Oklahoma area and we want to show you the fundamentals and the skills needed to elevate your game. It’s time to rise above and learn how to truly master the game of basketball with Coach Calvert and his expert staff. Give us a call today for more information on the camps coming up when it comes to Oklahoma City Basketball Camps at 918-955-7160. You can also visit us online for more information at grow.scorebball.com.

We strive to assist every athlete that participates in our program to reach their full potential as a basketball player. We aim to inspire and motivate our athletes to set lofty goals then work hard to achieve them. Our approach to this process includes intense, innovative skill development training of the body and mind, becoming a student of the game and understanding that the best way to reach your final destination is through persistence, discipline, and commitment to the process. Basketball players are made, not born. We don’t dispute some are given better genetic tools to work with, but nobody is born with a jumpshot or a killer crossover, those skills are earned over time.

Players must understand that they can’t just play games to become a player; they must work on their game to become a player. Many athletes today measure their work habits by how many AAU games they have played in the offseason or how many hours they spent playing pick-up games at their local club, yet they put no time into developing their fundamental skill set. As hard as one works in a packed gym in January, one must work twice as hard in an empty gym in June. That’s where the experts at Score Basketball come in. We can provide you with the fundamentals and the training you need to be a better player.


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