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Score Basketball has had the privilege of training and coaching hundreds of basketball players throughout the years. We have over 20 years of professional coaching, mentoring and experience that is perfect for someone looking for the best Oklahoma City basketball camps. We were founded by Coach Calvert who was instructed by Coach Bliss, the coach that was instructed by legendary basketball legend Coach Bob Knight. Throughout the years we’ve seen players go on to universities, the NBA and become better people in the process. Call today at 918 – 955 – 7160.

We feel honored to have helped several different players reach their maximum potential through the strategies and the methods that we use here at Score Basketball. This method has been endorsed by Coach Eddie Sutton, Hall Of Fame Basketball Coach for Oklahoma State and Shea Seals of the LA Lakers. Our methods have also been endorsed by NBA scouts and other NBA players. This is a place for basketball players come to get better. To improve their skill the drills, through coaching and mentoring.

Not only do we offer Oklahoma City basketball camps but we also provide lessons, clinics and private sessions for those who are really looking to improve their skill. We can take any player skills to the next level if they’re willing to work hard and have the dedication to listen to our coaches. These coaches have the ultimate goal to provide you with not only the physical aspects of the game but the mental aspects of the game. You’ll be able to shoot better, faster and you’ll have the mental capacity to handle the stress on the court.

Several of our players have gone on to universities to play college ball on scholarships. These universities include Missouri State, OSU, Indiana State, Arizona and Kentucky as well as many others throughout the United States. Through our coaching and mentoring we’ve seen many players reach their full potential by driving themselves harder, faster and with dedication. Avatar Oklahoma City basketball camps we give all the players a challenge and a goal to meet. They will not be standing around doing nothing. They will be working to become better.

So if you’re ready to get better today than we invite you out to one of our camps or one of our lessons. Speed, agility, integrity and a good work ethic is all in our methods to teach your child how to become a better basketball player and ultimately become a better person. You can trust over 20 years of basketball training experience at Score Basketball. Visit online our website more information about our story and why we’re the number one choice in Oklahoma.

Trained at Score Basketball

This content was written for Score Basketball

At Score Basketball come discover who you are as a player and who you can be as a player. We take players to the next level through drills, skills and Oklahoma City basketball camps. At these camps you will be pushed your limit by not only improving your strengths but addressing in your weaknesses. Everyone who attends one of our basketball camps walks out feeling better and on their way to becoming a well-rounded player. We do not offer a babysitting service. What we offer is top coaches who know what they’re doing and can teach you to take your game to the next level through coaching, mentoring and training. If you have a desire to improve your skill than Score Basketball is the right place. Give us a call today at 918 – 955 – 7160.

Here at Score Basketball is the home of Coach Don Calvert. He is an award-winning basketball trainer and what is the one who personally trained Shea Seals of the LA Lakers, who also endorses his method for coaching. This method has also been endorsed by NBA scouts and by Hall of Fame Oklahoma State basketball coach, Coach Eddie Sutton. They agree with his methods because they not only address the physical aspects and the mental aspects of the game but they are also lessons that can be applied in every day life. Building better players and building better people is what we are all about during our Oklahoma City basketball camps.

If you’re ready to improve your game than the time to call us is now. We also provide private lessons, clinics, basketball camps, and group lessons. We enable players to have all the tools they need to become better. All that it takes is someone who’s willing to work hard and be dedicated in improving their skills. And our basketball camps no child is ever standing around doing nothing and waiting to be told what to do. We map out an agenda so we know exactly what they are going to do as what time and not a penny of your money is wasted. And if you’re not 100% satisfied with the results that you are seeing we can give you a 100% money back guarantee.

If you’re ready to train with the best then Score Basketball has a place for you. Many of our players have gone on to play for big-time universities on basketball scholarships that include Arizona, Kentucky, Missouri State and OSU as well several others throughout the country. We’ve even seen players go on to play for the NBA and be very successful at it using the methods and the lessons that were taught here at one of our camps or one of our lessons. Get going today by calling us and setting up your lesson or attending one of our Oklahoma City basketball camps.

Our reputation speaks for itself and with over 20 years of experience we have produced some of the finest players that of ever stepped foot on the court. We are sure to wow you with our dedication and our focus that we will give to every player. It’s time for you to be prepared mentally and physically on the basketball court. Don’t miss this one. Be sure to get going today with one of the best training facilities in the state of Oklahoma.


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