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This Content Was Written by the Oklahoma City Basketball Camp Experts at Score Basketball

Score Basketball offers elite team training and Oklahoma City Basketball Camps. You can bring your team to us or you can come as an individual to get the very best training in the Oklahoma area. Our Oklahoma City Basketball Camps offer great sessions that really elevate your skills. The skills covered include dribbling, we can work, finishing, moving without the ball, shooting drills and mechanics, post and perimeter work, triple threat separation, offenses footwear, passing versus pressure, defensive work, and we provide skills like leadership, self-discipline, commitment, focus, determination, and tenacity. Score Basketball was designed to help our campers both win in games and win at life. Call us today and see what Coach Calvert can do for your game by dialing 918-955-7160 or visiting us online at grow.scorebball.com.

Coach Calvert attends all camps to add his skill and personalized training to all who attend. Along with coach, your children benefit from advice and teaching from a variety of experts when it comes to basketball training. Affordable pricing is is at the heart of what we do. Our mission is to focus on self-discipline, commitment, focus, determination, and provide tenacity to the young players. If you can win in games he can win in life with our coaching strategy. We want to make better students and better people not just basketball players. Our team is passionate about helping kids better themselves. One of the greatest joys is seeing the smiles and appreciation of the training and coaching they receive.

We also receive really good feedback from everyone was associated with our camps. Many of our parents say our sports camp is the most organized, well-structured camp in which their children have participated. Parents and caregivers also say they would definitely refer the camp to family and friends. We achieve such a recognition because we trained more than just athletics. Not only will young athletes develop the skills necessary to win, but they also learn team building, interpersonal relationships, communications, hygiene, and general life skills. Consider our skills camps for children a boost to training received in middle school, high school, and college.

We see the value in saturating you in skill training, removing you from your normal daily life and placing you in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and intensity. When your senses are heightened, you absorb information faster and learn quicker. You get better through repetition, verbalization and intensity. At Score Basketball we believe athletes are made not born. We feel you have the potential to achieve excellence on and off the court or field. We get excited to help you realize how talent is developed and expanded. We have the tools to help you master even the most difficult skills. We believe you have the capacity to become the best person you can be.

The leadership philosophy at Score Basketball is servant leadership which aspires to build leaders who know how to call others to a place of excellence. Servant leaders make their team stronger because of their leadership and example. We want to help you become a fearless and confident leader who then in turn leads others to become more fearless and confident. Every team should be better because you are on it. And we believe that with our whole hearts. Learn the skills you need to become a better player.

Focusing on the Whole Player

This Content Was Written by the Oklahoma City Basketball Camp Experts at Score Basketball

Using our progressional curriculum and focusing on the whole player, we teach your child the skills they need for both on and off the court to be a better athlete. Our basketball specific staff will focus on respect, teamwork and responsibility as they will start each day with a with a positive attitude and all that you need to get better at the game of basketball, and progress in to drills and games making an unforgettable camp experience for your young athlete. Oklahoma City Basketball Camps are for people who are looking to become a better player overall and focus on reaching their maximum potential both on and off the court. Call us today at 918-955-7160 to speak with Coach Calvert about how you can get the very best training and skills when it comes to Oklahoma City Basketball Camps.

Our Oklahoma City Basketball Camps feature personalized instruction that will be focused on the ability to help each camp participant develop his or her skills while enjoying the process. We emphasize proven techniques in shooting, passing, footwork, and ball-handling, and expand into concepts for team offense and team defense. Our priority is developing sound, fundamental basketball skills in every participant, and then proceeding to game situations! Not only are the games fun, but the instruction continues, to help campers learn how to apply their skills within these situations.

At Score Basketball and our Oklahoma City Basketball Camps, we are seeking to develop skills, and to reinforce in young people the virtues of sport and athletic participation. Our primary purpose is to teach an approach to team sports that will serve the young athlete for the rest of his or her life. An incredibly small minority of youngsters will actually go on to play college or pro ball. It is extremely important for parents, coaches, and for the young athletes themselves to remember this. However, the joy of participating in sports can last for a lifetime. Teaching kids the proper skills and the proper approaches to athletic endeavor is a valuable lesson, and not only on the playing field, but in so many aspects of life.

Transform your basketball game and elevate your basketball skills in ball handling, shooting, passing, defense, team concepts and overall knowledge of the game. Located at the the beautiful state of Oklahoma, you get to play the sport you love and work with coaches who care about helping you become your best on and off the court. Coach Calvert will train you to elevate your talent, increase your confidence, mental toughness, and leadership. Oklahoma City Basketball Camps is a serious basketball camp that is tons of fun. We offer lessons as well both private, group, game film analysis, and coaching seminars. We have a system that has delivered results to now high school, college, and pro athletes. Take your game to the next level by giving us a call today and checking out our private lessons for Oklahoma City Basketball Camps.


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