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The Score Basketball Oklahoma City training camp is an intense and competitive basketball training program. The camp is designed for athletes who have a medium to high level of interest in basketball and want to take their game to the next level. Our instructors are top-level level players who always try to emphasize fundamentals, maximize training, and challenge athletes both medically and physically. If you’re interested in enrolling in one of these camps or hitting your child, student, or basketball player in your life here, give us a call at 918-955-7160. We would love to speak with you about our different programs and provide you with expertise you need. You can also visit us online at grow.scorebball.com.

We can show you how to raise your game to the next level by emphasizing fundamentals and teaching you the essentials you need to become a better player. What is it mean to be outstanding? It means to stand out among the others of its kind. To be superior and to project upward or outward. Ultimately it means to stand out and be noticed for what makes it extraordinary. Score basketball is considered to be one of the most outstanding training facilities in the region. We have over 20 years of professional basketball training experience. We offer the best prices and the best training methods that have been endorsed by the NBA. We are also headed up by one of the most successful college basketball coaches, Coach Don Calvert.

It’s now time to meet the man behind Score Basketball. He is a professional that strives every day to become better and better at what he does. Who was Coach Don Calvert? Coach Don Calvert is a former University of Oklahoma basketball player. He is over 15 years of coaching and mentoring experience while also winning two national championships. He was personally meant toward by Coach Henry IBA of Oklahoma State University. He has also helped develop several Oklahoma legends including Shea Seals who played for Tulsa University and went on to play for the LA Lakers from 1977 to 1978. He also went on to coach eight years as the head basketball coach Booker T. Washington high school in Tulsa Oklahoma. Coach Calvert is the best of teaching methods throughout the entire USA.

Score basketball has the right Oklahoma City Basketball Camp for the right player. We say the right player we mean the player who’s willing to work hard, develop self-discipline and devote themselves to a higher basketball standard. Our system only works if the student meets every coach halfway. We believe in improvement and that results can be a tangible thing if both parties are willing to work hard. We guarantee coaches and teachers who are willing to step outside their comfort zone to make sure a student has the teaching that they need. All we ask is for devoted and hard-working players to meet is in the middle the court. Visit our website today to learn more about how you can attend Oklahoma City Basketball Camp at grow.scorebball.com

Be More Than Average.

This Content Was Written by the Oklahoma City Basketball Camp Experts at Score Basketball

Average is easy. Our Oklahoma City Basketball Camps help players develop basketball fundamentals and build confidence in their skills. Our goal is to provide an environment that is both challenging and encouraging, allowing participants to grow positively in skills development and attitude toward the game of basketball. You’re going to receive the information in the skills training you need to become a better player overall and a better human being in general whenever you attend one of our Oklahoma City Basketball Camps. To learn more about upcoming events and opportunities give us a call at 918-955-7160, or visit us online at grow.scorebball.com for more information about how we can take your game to the next level with amazing skills training by Coach Calvert and his team of dedicated professionals.

We believe that technical development, correct repetition, athleticism and mental training develop solid players at all levels. We focus on techniques that involve proper footwork, moving with and without the ball, ball handling with movement, passing, shooting, on ball and off ball defense, confidence and overall understanding of your game. Athleticism (explosion, flexibility, conditioning, speed and strength) is in every workout. The best basketball players are in the best shape!

In addition to Oklahoma City Basketball Camp we also provide private lessons. Private coaching has proven to be the single most effective way to improve your game. Private coaching facilitates dramatic improvement in skills and performance, which translates into a far more successful and fullfilling athletic career. Through private coaching a young person or adult will benefit from an increased level of confidence and mental awareness, in addition there are physical benefits of improved conditioning, better balance, and enhanced overall athleticism. The result is a fun experience giving participants a role model that is focused on setting goals and making satisfying achievements in other areas of their lives. Private coaching also provides a mental break from a stressed filled day and can give you a life relationship with sports.

Our focus has always been to develop high school athletes, college, and professional basketball players of the future. Over the years we have prided ourselves on being focus to help you get better. A coaching system was developed to make sure that it can deliver results if you’re willing to work and maximize your potential. Our lessons are designed to improve the player and the person as a whole. We will not curse that you, we will not yell at you, and we will not slander you just in the sake of making practice more intense, however; at score we will be candid with you and we will not be falsely kind. Our goal is to address the issues at hand when it comes to your game, and we want to work on those issues to make them better and less of an issue. Get the instruction you need to be a better player starting today.

Become a Better Player Starting Today

This Content Was Written by the Oklahoma City Basketball Camp Experts at Score Basketball

A common oversight among coaches is spending too much time learning plays, and not enough time learning how to play. Of course we know that teams do need to have organized offenses and plays, but it is far more important to be able to execute the fundamentals of movement, ball handling, dribbling, passing and shooting than it is to know how to run through a particular offense. Along with all of the individual fundamentals, players need to understand the concept of working hard on a daily basis to become a better player. A player with this understanding will know how to move to get open, create proper spacing, passing angles, play good on ball defense be a real advantage that team. Posted eight for more information on Oklahoma City Basketball Camp by Score Basketball at 918-955-7160.

Our skill development program will help players understand their abilities as well at believe in their abilities. We not only focus on physically training our athletes on the court but also mentally training them to be more confident and understanding how to manage their thoughts during games and practices. A player’s confidence can take them to heights they never believed they could reach. Our comprehensive training programs focus on basic fundamental basketball skills and developing those skills towards more advanced and challenging progressions. This is perfect for players wanting to fine-tune their fundamentals and then push their limits and learn new techniques. During the training session, players will get the opportunity to apply the skills developed to practical situations facilitating transfer to game incorporation. Group training requires team work, motivation and a positive attitude. Players need to be coachable, ready to work hard and demonstrate good character through leadership, good sportsmanship and being a positive example for others.

Score Basketball is a year-round basketball skill development and training organization devoted to the study, application, and advancement of state-of-the-art basketball skill training. Through independent research study activities, and development of new specialized training programs and training aids, Score Basketball seeks to provide valuable resources for the serious athlete with all of their dreams whenever that comes to becoming a better basketball player no matter what age you are.

Our coaches and teachers are motivated to bring the best of the best because we offer a 100% money back guarantee. We provide this money back program to every parent and player who doesn’t feel completely satisfied of the results after the South Tulsa basketball lessons have ended. We believe in providing opportunity not to waste anyone’s time or money. And we do our upmost to make sure that every child had a basketball on their hands for the moment the lesson begins all the way till the moment the lesson ends. Our South basketball lessons are the best and hardly ever do we give a refund for poor service.




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