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This Content Was Written for Score Basketball Featuring Basketball Camps in Oklahoma City

See what Basketball Camps in Oklahoma City can do for your child by picking up the phone and calling 918-955-7160. For any parent, player or student looking for the best Basketball Camps in Oklahoma City, then there’s only one place that is been endorsed by the NBA and by professional basketball players. Score Basketball was developed and established nearly 20 years ago. With the best of coaches, teaching methods and reasonable prices for the service that we provide score basketball has everything you need. Our company has been featured on NBC and CBS just to name a few television networks that have featured us. We guarantee results and how 100% money back guarantee if all parents, players and/or students are not completely satisfied.

Score Basketball has been teaching, mentoring, and coaching basketball players of all skill and age levels. We’ve helped develop several well-known Oklahoma basketball players like Shea Seals. We have participated in developing some of the most successful basketball players in the NBA and at universities like Indiana State, Oklahoma State University and Arizona just to name a few. We’ve been bringing something different and fresh for over two decades at score basketball in our South Tulsa basketball lessons.

It’s time to find the solution for your needs when it comes to becoming a better player in the Oklahoma area. If you’re looking for Basketball Camps in Oklahoma City that will completely revolutionize the way you think about playing the game the continue reading about score basketball. We’ve been the number one choice for parents and players for over two decades. We specialize in private lessons, group lessons, and double lessons depending on the need of the client. We are also so confident in our methods that we offer a 100% money back guarantee to every one of our customers. Find out how you can play like the NBA superstar at Score Basketball.

We always seem to find the potential inside of our athletes and students and bring it out so they become better players and better human beings overall. We have a long history of success in basketball performance, coaching methods and a system that is been endorsed by Oklahoma State University coach Eddie Sutton. Our team is headed up by Coach Calvert who has played for the University of Oklahoma and the winner of two national championships. He is over 15 years professional coaching basketball experience and participates in every South Tulsa basketball lesson. We only offer the best at score basketball and we only guarantee the best because score basketball produces real results in real-time.

Show Dedication and Effort

This Content Was Written for Score Basketball Featuring Oklahoma City Basketball Camps

Score Basketball provides intense, no-nonsense Oklahoma City Basketball Camps for male and female players, as well as coaches. Our courses are designed to teach players of all positions to play smart basketball, to be coaches on the court, and to be leaders in practices, games, and in everyday life. Give us a call today at 918-955-7160. We want to show you how you can become an expert player and develop a skill set that will carry you through each basketball season. You can also visit our website today at We are dedicated to the people of this city and the surrounding Oklahoma metropolitan areas. If you’re looking for the very best Basketball Camps in Oklahoma City, you’ve come to the right place.

Score Basketball is willing to work with every player if they are going to show dedication and effort when they show up. You should only attend if you are willing to work hard at your skill set, put in long and intense days, and spend a lot time exploring the outer limits of your comfort zone. Many players aren’t willing to take that approach, and since we only have a limited number of spots available in each of our courses, we prefer to accept players who will take full advantage of their time with us. A great player contributes to his team in many ways that the average fan and even average player never notices or thinks about. However, good coaches always notice the little things that great players do, so if you want to be a great player, you’d better learn how to do those things too.

Coaches always tell their players to communicate on the court, but what do they actually mean? Most players don’t know the answer and resort to useless chatter. At Score Basketball, you’ll learn how to use the proper language when you step on the court and how to use communication to help your teammates play better. The more you can share timely and relevant information with you teammates, the better your team will be. It’s that simple. At Score Basketball we’ll teach you exactly what to say and exactly how to say it.

Score Basketball will teach you how to use those hours in the gym to make significant improvements that produce noticeable results. We’ll show you how to train smarter and harder so that your efforts pay off and teach you how to improve your training to improve faster. You’ll learn simple techniques that will help you to know that you’re improving, which will help you to build up your confidence and inspire you to train more. You’ll learn how to conquer procrastination and how to feed the muscles of initiative and resolve, all of which will help you get more done in less time. You will also be introduced to key principles around your preparation, recovery, hydration, and nutrition, which will reduce potential injuries and maximize the impact of your training.


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