We Will Help You Become A Well-Rounded Basketball Player

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We at the Score Basketball Oklahoma City Basketball Camp is an amazing camp for amazing people. It is designed to help each player, from the highly skilled, to those who are just beginning. With the aid of an experienced staff, the camp program has been carefully designed to develop individual skills, stimulate personal goals and give each participant a unique and meaningful experience. Give us a call today at 918-955-7160 if you’re interested in how your kids, players, and students are going to get amazing service when it comes to the basketball camp of their dreams. You can also visit us online anytime at grow.scorebball.com, it’s a great place with a lot of great resources that you need to learn more about our camp before you decide to use it.

Our goal is for each camper to improve their skills, have fun and make new friends. This allows every camper to be successful by focusing on doing their best. By emphasizing improvement, we provide a safe, yet challenging environment for each camper to develop their skills in an attempt to become a more complete player. Campers will be instructed on and practice the development of both physical and mental skills necessary to develop as a player and person.

The ultimate aim of the camp is to develop a well-rounded basketball player emphasizing discipline, floor presence and team concepts. Each player will receive individual attention designed to help correct and improve areas of weakness or inexperience. The quality of each camper’s experience is dependent on not only what is learned on the basketball floor, but also by interaction with their peers away from the court.

The daily format includes fundamental instruction, lectures, team games and will leave any young camper with renewed energy and enthusiasm for the game of basketball and improved self-confidence. Score Basketball and the Oklahoma City Basketball Camps are a great place for any young basketball player who is looking to improve his/her skills, work hard, make new friends and have fun!

Score Basketball a great camp for all ages. If you are a high school basketball player, Oklahoma city basketball camp provides an incredible opportunity to improve your game, and if you are a younger player, it will be sure to help you develop the basic skills to help you make your team. As one of the best basketball schools of its kind, you’ll receive more instruction in the fundamentals and more chances to improve your skills than anywhere else in the world. This rigorous daily format includes fundamental instruction, clinics and team games that will leave any camper with renewed energy and enthusiasm. It’s time to pick up the phone and call the experts at 918-955-7160. We want to be your choice when it comes to all of your basketball camp needs. Visit us online today at Score Basketball. We really want to help you. We believe in you.

Improve On Every Aspect Of Your Game

This content was written by Score Basketball

The fundamentals of basketball are the most important thing to master because they will make you and your team better no matter what age level or team you play for. There’s a good reason that the best college and NBA basketball coaches in the world spend the majority of their practices on fundamentals. Learn all of the fundamentals and skill sets you need to become a basketball player whenever you choose to decide to attend Oklahoma City Basketball Camp presented by Score Basketball. Coach Calvert and his staff will be sure and teach you all of the fundamentals and exercise you in a way that you have never been subject to before. It’s time to gain the confidence you need to become a better ballplayer by dialing 918-955-7160. We also have a great website where you can learn more about our company at grow.scorebball.com.

For a little motivation, you might want to recruit a good partner. You can also set goals. Do whatever it takes. A high school player should be taking around 500 shots a day and charting them all. We can get you started on the road to becoming a more confident and skilled shooter as soon as you walk through the doors of our Oklahoma City Basketball Camp. Score Basketball focuses on individual tactics as well as the person as a whole to make sure that they are a better player than they ever thought they could be.

We all know that practice improves confidence. If you’re reluctant to shoot, not confident, and hesitant, then you’re probably going to miss. Even though confidence is the mark of a great shooter, you can’t invent confidence out of thin air. It has to be based on some evidence and experience. This comes from practice. You will be able to relax and shoot with a confidence that has been earned. No tricks or tactics here. You just need to get it done.

Basketball is a team game. By definition, that means all players are involved with the process of playing the game and should function as one. One of the primary skills created to accomplish this is passing. Yet, passing remains one of the most under-taught, under-emphasized, and under drilled skill in the game! Players assume the values that the coach places on each aspect of the game. When teaching passing it is important that the coach teach not only the skill, but the mentality as well. Too many players think of passing as something to do when they don’t have a shot as opposed to an unselfish act that is designed to include other players. We content you the principles you need to become a better player instantaneously. It’s never been a better time to use the experts at Score Basketball to improve your game on a variety of levels.

Dribbling and controlling the ball is a skill that can be practiced alone and is separate from the other ball skills on the court. Ballhandling, however, involves knowledge of the game and integrates dribbling, passing and decision-making. The difference between dribbling and ballhandling is intent. Dribbling is the skill of controlling the ball as you bounce it to the floor. Ballhandling is what you do with that dribble. Whether you use it to go to the basket, make a passing angle, escape from pressure or anything else, those situations have to be imagined and practiced.


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