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We focus on helping develop young players in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area and beyond. To that end, we worked tirelessly to mentor players on how to improve their skills and their abilities on and off of the court. So much of the game of basketball is mental, and we strive to prepare players for both tough mental and physical aspects of the game on a daily basis. If you’re looking for Oklahoma City Basketball Camp, you’ve come to the right place. We had an expert staff that will give you amazing skills and take care of you in ways you never thought possible before. We are even endorsed by Coach Eddie Sutton. Please give us a call today at 918-955-7160 for more information about how you can get the very best when it comes to basketball experiences. You can also visit our website, grow.scorebball.com to learn more about upcoming events and private lessons.

If a player is struggling in an area, we will assist them and build up their self-esteem and their skill level at the exact same time. Although we are known for being one of the best basketball camps in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City areas, we are focused on being known as a place for players become better people as a whole. We not only want to shape and focus the way that the young people in our camps play basketball, but we want to shape the way they work when it comes to every aspect of their life. We are creating well-rounded, well-adjusted young men and women here at Score Basketball.

There are several factors that go into making our Oklahoma City Basketball Camp successful. At Score Basketball we focus on helping to develop great people and great basketball players. We don’t sin people home with ice cream and a pat on the back, all we do is teach them amazing skills for two straight days. At Score Basketball we send our kids home with a sense of accomplishment, and the satisfaction that comes from hard work. We not only want to create great basketball players, but we want to create an experience that will enrich the young people’s lives that are in our camps. We focus on improving our players game and that comes through in everything that we do. We coach each player about the nuances of the game, and we mentor each player through our camps.

We developed countless elite high school, college and professional basketball players over the years. We are completely focused on helping you get better at every aspect of the game. Our coaching system that delivers results will have you in a better place if you are willing to work hard and maximize your potential. The lessons and instructions we give are designed to improve not only the person as a player, but as a whole. We won’t curse at you, we won’t yell at you, and we want slander you just for the sake of making practice intense. We will however be candid with you and not be falsely kind to you. We will tell you what you need to hear that makes you a better player and increases your skill level.

We Have An Amazing 20 Years of Basketball Camp Experience

This content was written by Score Basketball

At our Score Basketball and Oklahoma City Basketball Camp we believe sports should bring out the best in people, not the worst yet we see many examples in our culture where that is not reality. Character is as important to develop as shooting mechanics. At our Basketball Camp we value courage, hard work, respect, self-discipline, gratitude, enthusiasm, mental toughness, solid faith, and the importance of family. We believe it is crucial to develop physically, mentally, relationally and spiritually. Training your mind and heart can strengthen you to go through any difficulty and call you to a better way of living. If you’re interested in sending your child, student, or player to and Oklahoma City Basketball Camp, we encourage you to give us a call and try us out by dialing 918-955-7160. We would love to exceed your expectations and provide you with an amazing team whenever it comes to learning the game of basketball.

Between pickup basketball games at the playground, summer basketball tournaments, strength training and maybe just a little rest and relaxation, the summer offers a lot of chances for basketball players to keep their game sharp. But perhaps the most popular, for players of all ages, is to sign up for a summer basketball camp. We offer Oklahoma City Basketball Camp that will greatly improve your skill set and make you one of the best players on the court. We are dedicated to making you work hard and achieve your goals when it comes to becoming a better player and a better human being over all.

You get better through repetition, verbalization and intensity. At Score Basketball we believe athletes are made not born. We feel you have the potential to achieve excellence on and off the court or field. We get excited to help you realize how talent is developed and expanded. We have the tools to help you master even the most difficult skills. We believe you have the capacity to become the best person you can be. Campers will benefit immensely by participating in many of the same skill development drills that the Oklahoma coaching staff utilizes to improve the skills of current Oklahoma players. Each camper will receive individualized attention during drills, games and camp contests. In addition, our coaching staff takes great pride in helping each camper not only become a great player on the floor but off the floor as well. This is evident by the educational lectures done each day by our current Vol coaches and players on things such as academics, bullying, respect and hard work.

Our veteran staff knows how to teach, motivate and help you reach your potential. You will be taught the game like never before! Coaches and players, of all levels, have been learning the game of basketball from us for over 20 years. Take your game to the next level, register for your camp week today!




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