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Score Basketball offers lessons, group lessons, private lessons, Owasso basketball camps and a vast variety of other coaching packages that are designed to meet the needs of each player. If your athlete and you’re looking to get better we encourage you to check out our website to find out more information about our coaches and what we can do for you. Our methods have been endorsed by Coach Eddie Sutton and Coach Calvert is one of the most sought after basketball instructors and coaches in the state. Give us call today at 918-955-7160.

Score Basketball provides Owasso basketball camps for athletes on all different levels and ages. The coaching system that we have in place delivers real results and quality feedback for every player who’s willing to work hard and push themselves to the limit. We are here to help players maximize their potential both physically and mentally. We are looking to have real conversations with our players about their strengths and their weaknesses so that we can develop them into well-rounded players. We are here to teach them the skills and the drills to get better now.

Here at our Owasso basketball camps we focus on being Stern, intense and honest. Our goal is to help players reach their maximum potential by pushing them towards their ultimate goal of becoming well-rounded players both physically and mentally. We are going to be very transparent with our athletes by John them what they did well and what they can do better at. We also have conversations with the parents so that they understand what their player needs to work on and how they can work on it outside of our court. We are here to help take their basketball game to the next level.

It’s important that a players able to handle the mental stress of the game. While we focus on the physical aspects we also deep dive into what it means to have mental toughness as an athlete. It’s important for players to have a strong mental attitude on and off the court. This helps keep them focus, push away the stress and keep playing even if the game is in going the way they think it should. We want well-rounded players who have the skills necessary to keep going, keep playing and push pass any mental adversity that might rise up.

For more information about our Owasso basketball camps please give us call today or simply visit us online. Our goal is to provide elite training that will take players to the next level of their game. Our lessons and camps are designed to meet the needs of the player according to their strengths and their weaknesses. Call us today to find out more about our camps and how you can get started today.

Maximize Your Potential

This content was written for Score Basketball

Score Basketball is the home of the professional basketball coaches and the award-winning Coach Calvert. His methods have been endorsed by Coach Eddie Sutton and passed down by award-winning coaches including Coach IBA and Coach Bob Knight. The lessons and methods that he teaches are designed to specifically meet the needs of every player that decides to attend one of our basketball camps. If you’ve been searching for Owasso basketball camp then perhaps this is the right place for you. See how your athlete can get better today by giving us a call at 918-955-7160.

These Owasso basketball camps are designed to meet the needs of each player. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, we are going to expose both so that we can begin sharpening each one. We understand the importance of having a well-rounded athlete who understands how to push themselves the next level and outside of their comfort zone. We are not looking for complacent players who are not willing to push themselves further than where they’re comfortable. We are looking for athletes who are ready to take their game to the next level by doing whatever it takes.

These methods directly apply to real life situations. Coach Calvert prides himself in giving lessons and teachings that not only apply directly to the basketball court but off the court as well. This is one of the main reasons why players continue to come back to our Owasso basketball camps. We are going to help them maximize their potential and give them the tools necessary to take one more step to a higher level of their basketball game. We have seen players have great success by applying our methods and our teachings with an open mind.

Here at Score we also offer private basketball lessons, group basketball lessons and other quality coaching packages that are specifically designed based upon the means and the desires of the player. Everything is custom tailored according to the athlete so that they can better sharpen their skills as basketball players and rise to that new level they’ve been looking for. We are a basketball training facility that focuses on the player’s strengths as well as their weaknesses.

We can help athletes take their game to the new level as long as they’re willing to learn, listen and push themselves. Maximizing your potential is all a matter of you stepping up and stepping forward into the lessons that a been taught to Pro basketball players including Shea Seals of the LA Lakers. This is a place for you can learn to play like the pros and continue to push yourself even after you’re no longer with us. Learn to play with the best here at Score Basketball.


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