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This Content Was Written for Score Basketball

Score Basketball has been featured on NBC, CBS and ABC. Our methods have been endorsed by local basketball legend Coach Eddie Sutton. We’ve also been endorsed by Pro basketball players from professional teams such as the LA Lakers. We are the number one training facility in Oklahoma that provides quality drills and skills for young athletes looking to get better at the game. We are headed up by Coach Don Calvert, one of the top coaches in the area and one of the number one choices for Pro basketball players including Shea Seals and Tulsa Shock Member Glory Johnson. Give us a call today to find out more about our basketball camps at 918-955-7160.

If you’re looking to improve your game is a basketball player or your parent looking to get your child involve and something that will push them beyond their comfort zone, we encourage you to check out our Owasso basketball camps. These basketball camps are filled with some of the top training coaches in the city and have guarantee results for players who are willing to work hard and listen. We focus on the fundamentals of the game and improving the skills of each individual player. This includes speed, agility, endurance, shooting, passing and footwork. We go over all the skills necessary to be a well-rounded player.

Our facility is known for being a place that focuses not only on improving the player but also improving the person. One a help young people develop good character, integrity and an incredible work ethic. By driving players to push themselves their full potential they will also start to Excel and other areas of life. This is one of the reasons why were one of the most popular training facilities because we don’t just focus on the game but the entire game of life. Players start to climb the ladder of success on and off the court through our teaching methods.

Our Owasso basketball camps push players to play harder, run faster and to get better. We not only focus on their strengths but help them improve their weaknesses so that they can become well-rounded players. Players who only sharpen their strengths are setting themselves up for failure. We want you to turn your weaknesses into assets as we help you sharpen them and train the areas that you feel you are less skilled in. We are very transparent every player and parent about what an athlete needs to work on. We even give them the lessons and the methods so that they can practice when they’re not here Score Basketball.

If you’re interested in one of our Owasso basketball camps please give us a call today or visit us online. We encourage any athlete whose remotely interested in basketball to come check us out. This may be the place that you been looking for all over the city and we guarantee results for players willing to work hard. If you’re ready to get better and improve your current skill our basketball camps are the perfect way to get started.

High Quality Training from the Best

This content was written for Score Basketball

Score Basketball is here to help every player strength in the areas where they are weak and build upon their strengths. Our methods have been endorsed by Coach Eddie Sutton and Pro basketball players for some of the top NBA teams including the LA Lakers. We are the official training grounds for Tulsa Shock member Glory Johnson and Shea Seals. Coach Don Calvert is a basketball coach that focuses not only on the player but the person. Our Owasso basketball camps are filled the skills, the drills and the proper teaching methods that push players past their comfort zone into an entire new level of play. Give us a call today to get started at 918-955-7160.

We focus on the overall improvement of each basketball player. Every athlete has their own strengths and their own weaknesses. We focus on developing well-rounded players who are ready no matter what happens during a game or practice. We went each player to understand that in order to be the best they can be they have to work not only on their strengths but their weaknesses. Shooting, passing and footwork are all basic fundamentals that are a part of the curriculum at one of our Owasso basketball camps. Here at Score we focus on each player and are very transparent about what they need to work on.

No matter the skill level we have something for everyone here Score Basketball. We can evaluate where your players at and place them in the correct group so that they are with people on their own level. We want to give them a sense of accomplishment after every lesson and every camp that they attend. We are always pushing them hard so that they earn respect and praise. This is not a place where everybody gets a trophy. This is a place for players come to work hard and continue to work hard even when it stressful or difficult. Pushing players to reach their full potential is not always easy but it was definitely worth it at the end of the day.

Development and character as one the most important attributes of the young player. We focus not only on the player but the person. We want our players to have integrity, a good work ethic and high character outside of the court. Many of our players have learned valuable lessons that they have taken on outside of our training facility. Not all of our athletes go on to play Pro basketball but many of them still use the same basic principles and methods in their everyday lives whether they are entrepreneurs, businessman or are pursuing a different career path.

If you want to find out more about our Owasso basketball camps we encourage you to visit us online or give us a call to talk to one of our team members. We are excited about training new athletes and pushing players to reach their full potential. We want them to look back on all of the camps and the lessons to to see how far they have risen from their current skill. Let’s get started today and get your athlete signed up now.


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