Learn From Winners

What is winning all about? Is it simply scoring more points than the other team? Or is it something deeper? Those who have had the most success in the game of basketball will be the first to tell you that basketball is not everything. Basketball is a wonderful game that provides many lessons in encourages teamwork and allows players to grow in their skills. But it is not the end-all. That is why the coaches at Score Basketball had set out to create a camp that not only teaches the fundamentals of the game, but also strives to make your child into a winner off the court as well. The coaches at Score Basketball are interested in molding the next generation of athletes and helping them to succeed in all areas of life.

When your child attends a Score Basketball camp, they will be learning from coaches who have a proven track record of success. Coach Don Calvert is one of the best in the game and has over 20 years of coaching experience. He founded Score Basketball in order to give kids a chance to harness all of their basketball potential in to see what it takes to get to the next level. He has been endorsed by Hall of Fame coaches and was even coached himself by the legendary Oklahoma State University coach, Henry Iba. Success did not happen overnight for Coach Calvert. He is the product of hard work and diligence, qualities of which he will instill in your child throughout this camp. Coach Calvert has truly built a model of success for Owasso basketball camps.

The coaches at Score Basketball are willing to meet players where they are and take them to their individual next level. What I mean by that is that no matter the current skill level of your child, they are guaranteed to improve and will receive the personalized training they need to have success. If your child has never had much experience on the court, you need not worry. They will not be left behind. It is the coaches goal to include every player and make sure each child receives proper training and has fun while participating in the many drills during the camp. The coaching staff is dedicated to excellence and they even have a performance guarantee which states that you will receive all of your money back if you are not completely satisfied with your child’s improvement.

Score Basketball is concerned with creating all-around versatile basketball players. That means that they won’t only teach your child how to be a good center just because he or she is tall. They will teach them all areas of the game, including ballhandling, shooting, layups, three-pointers, and passing. The coaching staff knows how important being a versatile player is in basketball today. They want your child to not only improve individually but also show great improvement in being a good teammate. Basketball is a team sport and it takes a team to truly win and succeed. When your child attends the best of the best in Owasso basketball camps, they will learn what it means to truly be part of a team.

The coaches at Score would love to hear from you and to give you any information you might need so that they can help your child reach a never before seen level of success. Call them today at 918-955-7160 to get your child started on the road to excellence on and off the court. Learning from the best coaches in the industry, combined with their history of success makes them the ideal choice. They have even been featured in the news on ABC and CBS due to their great track record with parents and players all over the Tulsa area. So the next time you are searching for Owasso basketball camps for your children, look no further than Score Basketball. They will help your child score on the court in score in life. Guaranteed!

Achieving Exellence for Two Decades

Not many businesses can achieve a constant level of success over a period of two decades. It takes great focus, energy, and resilience. Good quality basketball camps can be hard to find because they are often an unpredictable product. But under the leadership of Coach Don Calvert, Score Basketball has been the number one choice among Owasso basketball camps. The difference is the coaching, the focus on the whole player, and the atmosphere that is created by the coaching staff. Greatness is achieved and successes are built upon when your child attends these great camps.

The great thing about Score Basketball is there adept ability and willingness to focus on each player individually regardless of their current skill level. Whether your child has been playing basketball since birth, or they are completely new to the sport, the coaching staff at Score Basketball will ensure that your child receives the proper training your attention to increase their skill set. You are guaranteed to see noticeable improvement from your child athlete. They even include what they call their performance guarantee. Which means that if you are not completely satisfied with your child’s improvements on the basketball court, they will give you all of your money back. Now thats something that makes them stand out among Owasso basketball camps.

At the helm of this great camp is Coach Don Calvert. He has been endorsed by Hall of Fame coaches such as Bob Knight and Eddie Sutton. The reason these coaches are so thrilled with the product that Score Basketball produces is because they have seen the players that have been produced through these great camps. Many players who have attended Score Basketball camps and have been coached by Coach Calvert have gone on to have great careers at the collegiate level as well as in the NBA. This is not your average basketball camp. When it comes to Owasso basketball camps, Score Basketball is the best choice you can make and will be a wise investment in your child’s future, both on and off the court. The coaches are also dedicated to producing a better person as well as a better player.

The coaches will focus on the skills needed to improve on the court and off the court. Coaches like Coach Calvert know how important it is for your child to excel in life off the court. Because it will also make them a better player and a better teammate to be around. Your child has to learn to be a team player if he or she wants to succeed in basketball. The coaches have many teambuilding activities and exercises that they emphasize in order to build camaraderie amongst players. Teamwork is the most vital part of success on the basketball court. Whether your child wants to be a point guard or play down low in the post, Score Basketball has the knowledge that your child needs to reach the next level.

But if you want your child to succeed and to have a chance to be coached by one of the best coaches in the game, send them to Score Basketball today. Their number is 918-955-7160 among other things, they are concerned with creating an all-around versatile player that will not only better his team on the court but will also better the community around him. Coach Don Calvert has been endorsed and has a proven track record of success. What else do you need to know? Your child is guaranteed to succeed when he attends Score Basketball. They will grow in their knowledge of the game in no doubt have a great time while they’re doing it. Fun, informative, and energizing. That’s what the camps at Score Basketball are like. They are dedicated to excellence and will continue to be the number one choice for basketball camp for your child.


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