Playing For The Best

When you attend a Score Basketball camp, you will have the opportunity to play for some of the best coaches in the area. They will teach you the skills you need to become a better player and to become better part of your team. Being a great basketball players more than just about athletic ability. It’s about the ability to have court awareness and know what’s going on on the floor and to be able to communicate with your teammates and your coach. All of these things make a great basketball player. There is no better among Owasso basketball camps than Score Basketball.

This camp is led by legendary coach Don Calvert. He himself was coached by a legend in fact. He was coached by Henry Iba, legendary Oklahoma State University basketball coach. He is taken all of his basketball knowledge and decided to share it with the young athletes of his community. He considers coaching to be an honor and a privilege and he is always thrilled to share his knowledge with the next generation of basketball players. His vast knowledge of the game combined with his experience of over 20 years in coaching makes him the perfect fit for your child to learn the most they can about the game of basketball.

Score Basketball has actually been endorsed by Hall of Famer Eddie Sutton. This guy was one of the great coaches in collegiate basketball history. Put it simply, he knows his stuff. He knows that Coach Don Calvert knows his stuff as well. Coach Sutton knows what it takes to succeed at the collegiate level. That is why he knows that the players that come from Score Basketball have what it takes to make it to that level. Several players who have attended Score Basketball have gone on to have successful college careers on the hardwood floor. Some have even made it into the national basketball Association. That is something to speak about!

What makes this camp different than the other Owasso basketball camps is their incredible performance guarantee. They are willing to say that they will give you 100% of your money back if you are not completely satisfied with how much your child improves on the hardwood. Their game will reach a new level. Not just their ball handling, shooting, and passing, but also their mental awareness on the court and their ability to work with their teammates and coach in order to win. Basketball is not a simple sport. It requires mental fortitude and great dedication to practice. These are all qualities that will be instilled at Score Basketball camps.

So with all of these great options available, it is no wonder that hundreds and thousands of parents have trusted the coaches at Score Basketball over the last two decades to instill in their young athletes the values and skills that it takes to become a great basketball player. Not only that, these coaches want to help your child succeed in all of life, not just basketball. The lessons learned here at this camp will no doubt make your child a better person in the long run. Give them a call today at 918-955-7160 and talk to one of these incredible coaches about getting your child enrolled in the next upcoming camp. Remember there is no other camp, among all the Owasso basketball camps like score basketball.

This Camp Is A Slam Dunk

Out of all of the Owasso basketball camps, Score Basketball is truly a slamdunk. The reason I say that is because the programs they offer, the coaching staff that is dedicated to the children, and the lessons that are taught are top-notch it will give your young basketball player the opportunity of a lifetime. Being able to learn from coaches such as Coach Don Calvert is a privilege and should not be taken for granted. He has been endorsed by Hall of Famer’s and was even coached by a legendary Oklahoma State University basketball coach. Come see the difference that this Camp provides.

Basketball is a great American pastime into something that is a very rewarding experience for kids to play. Starting out at a young age is necessary in order to reach the next level. The great thing about Score Basketball is that no matter what skill level your child is currently at they can take him to the next level. The coaches are dedicated to individual attention so that each child has a rewarding experience a camp. No one will be left behind and they will all be taught the skills needed to become a highly motivated player. They will also learn to become part of the team and to play with each other on the court.

The coaches at Score Basketball have lots of drills that they teach. Some of these drills include fast-break rotations, ballhandling awareness, and passing skills. The coaches keep it fun by having competitions between the players that motivate the kids to push themselves even further. You can even check out some of the videos they have on their website to see a few of the drills for yourself. This is not your average run-of-the-mill basketball camp. This is a camp for young athletes who really want to succeed in basketball and truly get better at the game that they love.

Like I said earlier this coach has been endorsed by Hall of Fame coaches. He knows his game and has been coaching for over 20 years and is very reputable within the community. Either you to find another one of the Owasso basketball camps that offer such great coaching. His endorsements by Hall of Famers in addition to his personality and likability as a man make him an ideal role model for your child athlete. Many coaches focus just on the fundamentals and forget about the players a whole. Coach Don Calvert is not like this. He wants to create a well-rounded player and remind your child that basketball is about having fun and learning lessons about life.

Give them a call today at 918-955-7160. Ask to speak with one of the coaches and they will tell you about their performance guaranteed to put your mind at ease. That means that if you are not completely and utterly satisfied with your child’s drastic improvement on the basketball court and they will give your money back. Now that’s something to think about! No other Owasso basketball camps offer such a great quality guarantee. You will be thrilled with your child’s success in your child will be thrilled with the incredible time they had at Score Basketball. Get them started today and don’t waste another minute.


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