The Best In Basketball

When you meet a coach that really knows about the game and has a passion for teaching the game to others it is quite the experience. Coach Don Calvert is one such coach. You can tell from the moment you meet this man that his passion is in coaching kids and helping them realize their full potential, on and off the court. The reason he is such a great coach is because he knows that teaching these kids about life and the lessons that they will need to succeed is more important than just giving them basketball skills. When you combine the lessons the teaches about life and teamwork with the basketball knowledge that your child will receive, it is a winning combination.

Your child will have a blast at Score Basketball. This camp is so much different than other Owasso basketball camps. Not only will they learn the footwork, ballhandling skills, shooting skills, and passing skills needed to succeed as an individual player; they will also learn how to be a part of the unit and how to communicate effectively as a team in order to be successful. The coaches at Score Basketball know how important teamwork is and they drill it over and over again until the kids truly understand what it means to be a team. Basketball is a great game because it is a team sport.

Basketball is much better coached by coaches who have experience in the game and have been coached themselves by some of the greats. Head coach Don Calvert has actually been coached by the legendary Oklahoma State University basketball coach named Henry Iba. He was one of the best coaches in Oklahoma State University basketball history. Not only this, but Coach Calvert has also been endorsed by Hall of Famer’s such as Eddie Sutton. With such great coaching and endorsements from Hall of Famer’s, it is easy to see why so many players have had incredible success after being coached by Coach Calvert.

Many of the players that have attended Score Basketball camps have even gone on to have successful collegiate basketball careers. A few have even gotten in to the NBA and had incredible careers. One thing they all had in common. It all started with Score Basketball and coach Don Calvert. He is a man that knows how to instill confidence in young basketball players and teach them the skills they need to reach the next level on the basketball court and in life as a whole. Basketball is a great tool for teaching lessons to young people. Coach Calvert cares about your child and wants them to become more than just an athlete.

Have I mentioned that your child will also have an absolute blast when they attend this camp? Unlike so many other Owasso basketball camps, Score Basketball prides itself on creating a fun environment for the kids and making sure that every child feels like they are part of the team. Not just the ones who are extremely skilled. The coaches at Score Basketball meet every child where they are at and want to take each one to their next level of success. So even if your child is a beginner you need not worry! Because they will be in good hands with the coaches at Score Basketball. Give them a call today to get your child enrolled in the next camp at 918-955-7160. Score Basketball stands above all of the other Owasso basketball camps. Come and see why!

For The Love Of The Game

Basketball has been a staple of American sports and one of the most memorable pastimes for the last several generations. It is a game that inspires people to reach their next level of success in can teach important life lessons through the game. Becoming a better basketball player is about more than just succeeding on the court and putting the ball through the hoop. Becoming a better basketball player means learning to play as part of the unit and care about those around you. It means to look outside of yourself into make those around you better in order to succeed. That is what Score Basketball is all about.

When your child attends one of these Owasso basketball camps, you will see a noticeable change in the way they play this great game. The coaching staff at Score Basketball has done their research and has years of experience in teaching kids how to play the game and how to play well. They are interested in meeting your child where they are, no matter their level of skill. From beginners to experienced players, the coaching staff has drills and activities that are guaranteed to improve your child’s basketball knowledge and skills. In fact this camp is even been endorsed by Hall of Famer’s Bob Knight and Eddie Sutton.

The reason these Hall of Famer’s endorse Score Basketball above other Owasso basketball camps is because they have seen the level of success that the players who attend these camps achieve. Kids who have attended Score Basketball have gone on to have successful collegiate basketball careers and some have even gone on to play in the NBA. The head coach at Score Basketball is coach Don Calvert. He has over two decades of experience in coaching and he himself was even coached by the legendary Oklahoma State University basketball coach, Henry Iba.

They even offer you a 100% moneyback guarantee. That is how confident they are in their ability to coach your child into make them into a better basketball player. They are interested in teaching your child to become versatile on the court so that they are able to play a variety of positions. The coaches also focus on teamwork is a huge part of the game. It takes a team to win and they teach your child to be a part of the unit and not just an individual athlete. You are guaranteed to notice a difference in your child’s attitude and gameplay on off the court. Not to mention that your child will have a blast when they attend Score Basketball!

So give them a call today at 918-955-7160 and get your child started on the path to basketball success. Like I said no matter what your child can do right now they are guaranteed to improve. So there is no need to feel intimidated or think that your child will be left behind. At this basketball camp your child will receive personalized attention unlike many other Owasso basketball camps. They will have a blast and they will learn a lot about the game and what makes it such a great pastime. You will notice a difference during your child’s upcoming basketball season and you will be ready to send them to another Score Basketball camp as soon as possible.

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