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Score basketball brings you the best of the best in Jenks basketball lessons. Score basketball was established nearly 20 years ago and has been called one of the top Jenks basketball training facilities in the state. We have a coaching system that delivers the highest quality results and for every player who’s willing to work hard we can bring out the best in you. No matter who you are, how long to complain or if you’re a beginner score basketball provide you with the best lessons in Jenks Oklahoma. We bring you the best of the best in group basketball and private lessons.

Get better now. That is what score Jenks basketball says. We say get better now, don’t wait till tomorrow and don’t wait until next year to push yourself to your Mac’s potential. We believe that hard work is one of the key components to being successful. And score basketball we help you take off the mindsets that are stopping you from going past a certain point in your level of basketball. We just don’t want to improve your game but we want to change your entire perspective on how you view this wonderful game that we all love so much. If you’re in Jenks Oklahoma and you’re looking for the best basketball lessons out there than score basketball is for you.

What we provide is a variety of coaching packages that are designed to meet every single players need. Our most important component to successful players is connecting with them. Once we connect with the players we can then collaborate with them to work hard together and achieve that high level of success that thereafter. We teach you the drills, the skills and the necessities so that you can take your Jenks basketball game to an entirely new level. We have a coaching system that works and has worked for over two decades. We have developed countless high school, college and professional Jenks basketball players over the years. We are focused on getting you better now.

Coach Calvert has been men toward and instructed by some of the top coaches in the industry we’ve also been endorsed by Oklahoma State Hall of Fame legend coach Eddie Sutton. We’ve been featured on NBC, ABC and CBS for our extraordinary ability to take a mediocre basketball player in turn them into something elite. We look at the things that you need to improve on and we sharpen them up so that your ready to play any game no matter the weather and no matter the time. We train the best because we employ the best in Jenks Oklahoma.

What we focus on whether it’s a group lesson or private lesson is that we make sure we give feedback to every player and the parents so that after every single lesson they can know exactly what needs to improve. We are absolutely thrilled that you have strong suits and you have strong abilities but what we want to work on are the areas that you’re not so strong. We want to shape you up and make sure that you’re going to be successful no matter what game you are playing. Our goal is that you improve your game and no matter your age you always have fun playing. Basketball is meant to be enjoyed and our training techniques may push you to the limit but we always want our players to have as much fun as possible. For more information about who we are and what we do call us at 918 – 955 – 7160 or visit us online at


Find the best Jenks basketball lessons by score basketball

If you’re looking for the absolute best Jenks basketball lessons then look no further. Score basketball was established nearly 20 years ago and headed up by coach Calvert who’s been taught by some of the most successful basketball coaches in the USA. Score basketball is been featured on ABC, CBS and NBC. Their training basketball system has also been endorsed by Coach Eddie Sutton who is Oklahoma State legendary Hall of Famer. Not only do we deliver results but we deliver the highest quality of players from coast-to-coast.

What does score basketball lessons do for you? We provide the most outstanding coaching system that is been endorsed by the MBA and several other college athletes throughout America. What are lessons bring is more than just how to dribble ball or shoot a basket. Our lessons are catered to every single player so that we guarantee everyone gets exactly what they need. We have heard that other Basque will training facilities who provide Jenks basketball lessons do not use their time wisely. With score basketball our lessons are active and we specialize in smaller groups. We want to focus on the individual so they get the absolute best at of every Jenks basketball lesson.

We have a proven Jenks basketball coaching system of player development that starts at a beginner level. Our goal is that you improve every single lesson that you participate in. Shea Seals of the LA Lakers fully endorses score basketball Jenks lessons. He has even said that he feels like he improves every time he steps on the court at score basketball. Coach Don Convert has worked with several players who have even gone on the plane the NBA. What we are after is that every single player has their maximum potential completely pulled out of them and shown. Our goal is that you succeed in everything you do whether you have a ball in your hand or not.

Our Jenks basketball lessons go deeper than just developing offense and defense skills. We want to go beyond the game and make it very clear that how you live your life has everything to do with how you handle a basketball on the court. These lessons aren’t just something for the game of Jenks basketball. These lessons are something that you carry with you for the rest your life and will improve every aspect of your life until the day you stop breathing. This is the place to build character, self-discipline and an overwhelming confidence that will be unmatchable by any other Jenks basketball player in the state.

Our goal for the lessons is that you improve your game. Simple as it sounds and straight to the point. We believe that every player that connects with us and collaborate with us will get better now. Don’t wait till tomorrow or the next year to finally step into the player that we know that you can be. Prepare to work hard, play harder and have an enormous amount of fun with the best Jenks basketball lessons in the city. Choose score basketball and you choose an entirely new lifestyle. Choose score basketball and you choose to improve, be stronger and faster than you ever imagined. For more information about our mission, our Jenks basketball lessons and are story visit us at HTTP://


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