Here at, Score Basketball, we do our Tulsa basketball lessons different than the rest. Our main focus is to not only grow the skill of our players but also their character. We take different approaches to train our players as well as teach them pulls the different aspects of basketball, including game IQ and character. we know the importance of creating someone who knows the game, but also knows himself as a player.

Our training is based on well-educated coaches who also been trained by well-known and greatly respected men in the basketball world. This is begin I coached on and trickle down to many student athletes from well-known universities coming to work her Score Basketball and teach the youth of Oklahoma the skills in character of becoming a basketball player. We have been responsible for many professional basketball players adding to the NBA because they started training with us and grew the skill and knowledge they needed to become successful. They took Tulsa back lessons and went to Tulsa Basketball Lessons, put in the hard work and made a name for themselves.

We offer many Tulsa basketball lessons to our players to choose from. There’s a number of different options to choose from including beginner group, advance group, partner, private, and vascular development, and team lessons. We have all these different options, so players can choose what best teaching and guidance works for them. Students who have a particular struggle may favor the private lessons so that they can work on that struggle with the coach to mentor them through it.

Our company is different because our coaches are not only train, but would treat all of our players with respect and kindness. You will never hear any of our coaches use inappropriate language towards a player or scream at them for no reason. Our company values character and integrity on and off the court, which is why our coaches said example for our students by not being overly and unnecessarily aggressive in the teaching process. Instead our coaches worked to build up confidence in each of our players. we want our players to walk away knowing that they did their very best and put in 100% of their effort.

It’s time for you to take the next step in becoming a better player in person. Give us a call at 918-955-7160 or did connect with us on our website,, today. We are excited to help you gain the skills and knowledge it takes to be the best that you can be both on the court and off the court. Our team of coaches is excited to work with you and are anticipating your phone call.

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