We love that you are interested in Tulsa Basketball Speed Training! So many people often ask us or often wonder/research what is the back sword behind our founder whose name is Don Calvert? Well, Don has been involved in basketball in one way or another for his entire life. He used to play at Oklahoma State University, until eventually he decided to set up score basketball. She decided to have it make its home at the champions of sports complex which went over very well with everybody involved.

Not only do they provide Tulsa Basketball Speed Training but is can provide so many other things for young and promising players. They give personal instruction for all the players. From 1982 all the way till 1985 Calvert was the head coach for the Oral Roberts University Lady Eagles basketball team. This was a great pool of experience that he drew from many years ago. Our owner has declined many offers of the Division I level because of the tight bond he has with his son who has muscular dystrophy.

He thinks that Tulsa Basketball Speed Training is very important, but family is even more important. He spent two years as a physical education teacher and also coached basketball during those years. He began giving private lessons to all different types of students after school and he actually inquired to parents of so. He loves to teach anybody in a matter of their five or six years old, all the way up the line. He has a younger son who plays for the St. Francis Hawks team.

Coach Don really is a pleasure and really have sacrificed so much for this game. All he wants to do is sure his knowledge about both basketball and about life. He has not had the zero to get here but he thinks that it has been the proper want to get him to be the person he is today. Don is very happy and very excited to be able to pursue this full time as is number one passion. For so many years is not able to do this so that is where he appreciates it that much more.

No matter what happens, coach Don Calvert remembers that it is very important to keep family and mind and to know what your priorities are. Sure, basketball is great and it teaches you some great things, but at the end of the day it is a game and the thing that we are trying to teach is how to move about and be effective all through the game of life. If everybody had this figured out been have no need for there to be anybody else or for God or anything. So, our founder is an incredibly kind man who has a boatload of experience both firsthand and as a coach. This is a wonderful thing that we can bring to the table and that you can be confident in. Your child will be overjoyed that he/she will be able to undertake all the different things that serve for them to be successful.

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