School is out. That means that your teenager is probably sitting on the couch being a couch potato. If you were looking for activities to keep your children busy during the summer, then you are probably looking for the Best Basketball Camps in Jenks! Score basketball can be there to help you out. Not only will they keep your child busy during your summer vacation but they will also teach them how to be better at the skills that they need to get that basketball scholarship. They are voted Oklahoma‘s highest and most reviewed basketball camps, so don’t miss your chance to sign up your couch potato for the next basketball camp or Clinic.

When you are looking for the Best Basketball Camps in Jenks, Score basketball pops up first. Not only because our clients love what they are learning but they gain a support system for their children. coach Don Calvert is the coach of choice for over 50 Division I basketball players, including NBA Star Kelena Azukuke and OSU player Mitch Solomon. He has even coached four professional NBA stars including Shea Seals and Lee Mayberry! if it hasn’t worked for them to help them be successful, then you can believe that it will work for your dream team. Score basketball has over 21 years of experience.

Hearing all of that, you may think that it may cost too much for you to be able to get this experience for your player and training. It actually is very affordable to have the best basketball camps in Jenks and still have money in your pocket. It is For as low as $99 Score basketball it will include the entire package. What does the package include? For this low price you could have your kids to be specified in two groups, instead of grouping all of them together. This makes sure that your child will be educated on their skill level. Your teenager will not be in the same basketball class as your middle schoolers. This will also include your classes with the coach and if you need lessons, they can do that as well. You will have full-time coaches and staff on your team the entire way.

You will love score basketball, because of the quality and training that your child will receive every time that they step into the building you know that you’ll be trained by the best. They are celebrity endorsed by players that have worked through the system to their own success. You can always depend on them for consistent times and always having a consistent location.

It’s not hard for you to get started. You can start the track to your child’s basketball career today by calling 918-955-7160. You can also visit to get more information about what they offer. Don’t wait, this summer is flying by and you don’t want your couch potato to waste it.

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Are you looking for the Best Basketball Camps in Jenks? Look no further than the score basketball. Score basketball is your one stop shop for your next camp or Clinic. For a limited time you can get your first lesson for only one dollar. Talk about bang for your buck! For only one dollar you get to experience Oklahoma’s highest and lowest review basketball camps.
Score basketball is one of the Best Basketball Camps in Jenks. They have over 20 years in the game of basketball training. You’re a kid will be grouped into their own age group to be able to learn at a pace that works well for them. Instead of being thrown into a big group with all kinds of different ages, they can work with similar experiences. If they need more personal hands-on training, then you can also get lessons from one of our full-time coaches or staff members. You can count on score basketball to always have consistent times and locations. Their celebrity endorsements, as well as customer reviews will speak of their success story of how they have helped children from our neighborhood and to become NBA stars in division one players.

When you are looking for Best Basketball Camps in Jenks then you want to make sure that you will be covering every area that your child will need to work on. If you are looking for someone to help your child with their shooting form, three-point, shooting or free-throw shoeing then you have the right place. If you are looking for someone to teach 2 defensive footwork, 2 defense, positioning, or 2 defensive skills. then score Bball is the place. What about learning five different sets of advance and basic ball, handling drills, 14 different slide series to create, passing and driving angles, or passing scales. You guessed it, basketball is the place! They even teach some of the most important sport skills, such as character development and aggressive mentality and they help develop leaders. They will help them turn fear and failure into success.

They have years of results and they guarantee that they can do the same for you and your family as long as you work hard. You have what it takes. You just need the right team to train you and guide you along the way. Score basketball has been mentioned in the news on channels, such as Nbc, ABC, and CBS news. score basketball has been mentioned in the news on channels, such as Mbc, ABC, and CBS news. when you go there, you can know that your children are being trained by the best coaches that you can find. And those coaches have been trained by the best coach that they can find. Score basketball was started by Coach Don Calvert. He was coached by coach IBA. Coach IBA is 11 to legendary basketball coach that has been named won the OSU basketball arena. he was also instructed by Coach Bliss at OU. Coach Bliss was coach by Hall of Fame coach Bob knight. They are serious when they say that they are trained by the best that was trained by the best.

To find out how to score basketball can help you please call 918-955-7160 to speak with someone, or visit the

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